Eight Healthcare Tech Marketing Trends You’ll see in 2019

by Sarah Yasin
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With the never-ending capabilities being introduced to tech and an explosion of technology in the last few quarters of a century, the use of tech in various industries is becoming more and more essential, not to mention highly useful! Health technology is one of these industries being perfected. From machine-controlled procedures to streamline healthcare operations, lowered costs and overall better quality of healthcare, health technologies are making this industry more and more promising.

Doctor working on a virtual screen. medical technology concept

For 2019, we are even more excited to see new tech emerging. Therefore, we have put together this list of top nine healthcare technologies used for marketing that you must be aware of this year. 

AI (Artificial intelligence)

Artificial intelligence is growing exponentially and it has given us very exciting opportunities. The use of Ai in the healthcare industry is projected to grow at a rate of 40% annually through 2021. Essentially, this industry is expected to grow from $600 Million in 2014 to $6.6 Billion in 2021.

AI can help in healthcare in three ways:

  • Through automatic reminders for people to take medication at a specific time
  • Identify people at risk or in need of medical assistance immediately
  • Deliver dosage recommendations to patient’s depending on their unique body chemistry

Voice search

Voice search is becoming increasingly popular among the masses. In America alone, around 40% of adults are using voice search once a day. Voice search is very much applicable in healthcare, particularly for people looking for healthcare in the proximity of their residence. This is why healthcare marketers should optimize their digital platforms for local searches.

In 2018 we saw that 20% of all Google searches were voice searches. This is one of the key reasons why healthcare marketers must utilize voice searches to their benefit. The use of virtual voice operative assistants such as Siri and Alexa are becoming increasingly popular which is why it is no surprise that we are sure to see voice searches become more popular among healthcare tech in 2019. 


You’ve probably heard of cryptocurrency and bitcoin, but the main focus is ‘Blockchain’. Blockchain can become highly useful for healthcare, particularly due to its digital record-keeping which creates ledgers of transactions that are not only transparent but impossible to tamper with. In short, a nationwide blockchain network for electronic medical records may improve efficiencies and support better healthcare.

There are three ways in which we can expect Blockchain to affect the digital marketing sphere:

  • By becoming a source of data collection which can remain stored safely. 
  • By fixing digital display advertising: There are major flaws in the current system of digital display advertising. There is always a lack of availability along with increased prices as Fb and Google control majority of the available ad inventory. The ‘Brave’ Blockchain browser has decided to change this system with the help of its BAT (Basic Attention Token) which essentially delivers ‘fewer but more relevant’ ads.  Advertisers essentially buy ads using the BAT coin and then users opt into viewing ads and are compensated with BAT. At the same time, publishers are compensated by both consumers and advertisers. 
  • By reforming the way we stream and own digital assets: With the help of Blockchain-based entertainment instead of using platforms such as Spotify, Tidal and Apple Music platforms, artists can directly market to their audiences without the need of a media platform. 


Chatbots have tons of potential to improve healthcare especially in terms of emergencies and first aid. When it comes to healthcare, customer experience plays an important role and chatbots can help improve customer experience. Chatbots have endless options, from customer services to diagnosis for mild conditions. There’s much that this tech could bring to the healthcare industry.

Virtual reality(VR)

VR is amazing tech and we wouldn’t be surprised to see healthcare marketers jump in on the action. Health facilities could provide patients an immersive experience for example to virtually tour a health facility or use VR to help patients cope with pain. There’s a lot to be interested in a lot of benefits, especially if it’s something original, something people haven’t seen before.

Personalized mobile apps

Personalized mobile apps are great for engagement and here are huge possibilities around it. Patients could easily check up on appointments, register appointments, and get test results easily. Mobile apps can serve as a way of communication even after customers leave health facilities. Once again, there’s a lot of potential here and the healthcare industry surely wouldn’t want to miss out.

Advanced social media

Social media is EVERYWHERE. There’s no surprise that healthcare is using social media as a tool today. They could for example use metrics and analyze user engagement to adjust their social strategy. Although smaller companies may find it hard to make any big profit out of it, its concept is still highly useful. 


Conclusively, there’s a lot to be excited about this year in terms of healthcare marketing. We believe that with the help of health technologies marketers can improve their overall return on investments while also improving the quality of healthcare. 

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