Tense is Penetrating to Asia Pacific – Tense Elektroniks-Review 2019

by Sarah Yasin
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Tense Elektroniks is an electronics dealing company located in Istanbul, Turkey. The company was founded on 22nd August 2007. Their company specializes in the field of industrial automation, a very important branch in the field of electronics which is growing exponentially day-by-day.

Why Tense Elektronics?

Tense Elektroniks aims to provide their end-users with high-quality products to ensure customer satisfaction. They have distributors and agents all around the world along with their very experienced staff and experts to operate their company. That along with their diverse catalogue of products is what sets them apart.

1: Quality Assurance:

Tense Elektroniks ensures customer satisfaction at all costs. They only provide products tested and verified for use. This is one of the reasons of their growth over time. Customers are their first and foremost priority.

2: Variety of Products:

Tense Elektroniks provides a number of products on their website for you to choose from or lookup. They’re also providing pre-sale and after-sale services thanks to their distributors and agents located all around the globe.

3: Global Services:

Tense Elektroniks started services in Istanbul, Turkey but now provides accessible services all over the globe in countries including Egypt, Russia, Ukraine, Libya, China and other countries of Africa, Asia and Europe.

4: Descriptive Catalogue:

One thing which stood out for us is the highly descriptive catalogue Tense Elektroniks provides on their website. You can download it directly from here. Each product is given a descriptive introduction and its features are explained in detail. Images for the products along with their circuit designs are provided in the catalogue. The bottom right corner for each individual product on the catalogue also contains a QR code which you can scan to reach the product manual for detailed technical information. Highly useful!

5: Individual Product Manuals on Site:

Now if we talk about the product manuals, you simply have to go to the website and look up to the product you desire, then you click on the PDF link(labelled as ‘User Manual’) to download the product manual. The product manuals themselves contain general information about the product, circuit diagrams, working principles, maintenance guidelines, technical specifications of the product and warnings for the user.

 6: Quality Certification:

As mentioned before, Tense Elektroniks is quality certified. Its website shows official documentation for certification by IQNET (https://www.iqnet-certification.com/), which you can download and view here. They also show TSE Certification and ISO900 quality management certification.

How to contact Tense Elektroniks:

You can contact Tense Elektroniks through the ‘Contact Form’ available on their website or you can send an email to info@tense.com.tr or contact them at +90 212 578 04 48.

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