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PCBgogo: The Chief PCB manufacturers in China

PCBgogo successfully launched its new website. Customers are now ordering their custom designed circuit boards, with the help of PCBgogo’s easily accessible website, which allows customers to place their order, make their payment, assembly, and delivery of product easier than ever. PCBgogo, the chief PCB manufacturer in China have over 20 years of experience in this field.

Fast and Secure Delivery

Not only are they providing quality products but are also offering fast delivery, on your doorstep, in low prices. Customers are encouraged to give their reviews after having seen the product and handled it themselves. PCBgogo also guarantees to keep your designs confidential and even offer NDA contracts. PCBgogo can fabricate prototypes of up to 10 layers according to customer needs.

Online Order Made Easy | Get Latest Offer | Avail This Opportunity 

With PCBgogo, customers can order their PCB circuits easily online through an online quote. Customers fill in all the details for their circuit boards and leave the rest to the manufacturers as PCBgogo. The engineers at PCBgogo review your information and update you on any detail you may have missed. Also, after manufacture, the boards are tested for proper functionality before shipping, by using AOI and flying probe tests. PCBgogo Give away is in progress and it is valid for new Customers from June 5th to June 20th, Hurry up, Sign up if you want to get this offer.

24/7 Online Customer Service

Not only that, PCBgogo services are available 24/7 to help with all your queries regarding your order, with the help of their online customer service. Also, customers can check the progress of their product through the website. PCBgogo is manufacturing over 40, 000 designs per month and this number keeps on increasing.
Easy Payment, Low prices

PCBgogo allows customers to make their payment easily, including no hidden charges. Customers can make payment through PayPal, Aliexpress, western union or any bank transfer of their choice. The delivery of your product is assured to be fast and secure.

Multiple Shipping Offers

Products are shipped 24 hours after manufacturing. PCBgogo offers a wide range of shipping options, for example, DHL, HK Post, FedEx, EMS, and UPS etc. whatever the customer finds suitable. Delivery is guaranteed to be 99% on time, and in some cases, earlier than planned.

Register your Account and Give your Review

Customers can register their accounts on PCBgogo. This also allows customers to, if they want, order more circuit boards designed according to their previous order. New members are also given a coupon of up to $20 which can be used to make payment of up to 15% of PCB cost. Customers can then give their review of the product. With each review, customers can get points. The average review one can give is 4.9 out of 5. With reviews, customers can also get the chance to win cash coupons.

Customer Satisfaction above all

PCBgogo is the largest PCB manufacturer in Shenzhen, China. PCBgogo is now producing boards for all your needs. They can be used in the fields of medicine, industry, optical networking, military applications etc. PCBgogo keeps customer satisfaction above all else, and try to make this experience as user-friendly as possible.

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