How do Chatbots Work? | Why is it Important for Your Business | 2018

Don’t know what a Chatbot is?

I’m pretty sure you have used one already. After all, they are becoming very common these days. Do you remember ordering something online and having to check in with the helpline (Maybe because of late delivery or transaction difficulty)? For FAQ’s you might have inquired, you got answers within seconds. You were, in fact, talking to a Chatbot that was programmed to answer all such FAQs. However when you asked something out of the ordinary; requiring a humans response, then you would get a humans assistance. Similarly, when you order Pizza online, you are being served by a Chatbot.

Chatbots are just another form of Artificial Intelligence (AI), they are programmed with the human intelligence but of course, they are much more intelligent. They are computerized programs designed for human-like interaction.


Some of the most common Chatbots include:

  • Right Click
  • Siri
  • Poncho
  • Mitsuku
  • Jabberwacky
  • Cronus

I myself am working in a company in which I handle the Chatbot speech, it’s an interesting job. So I thought, why not give a heads up on the future of Chatbots and where they are most commonly employed.

Purchasing things online:

Whether its food, clothes or whatever you shop for online, Chatbots are simplifying the sales process. One of my personal favorites is the Pizzabot application. It feels like you are talking to an actual human. Some Chatbots will even provide you with “Product Suggestions”, very convenient.

Customer Support and FAQ bots:

Many brands are using Chatbots for customer support, the aim is to solve customer complaints and provide answers as soon as possible. Customers can now get 24/7 service. Furthermore, an FAQ bot can convert your companies FAQ page to a live conversing agent. Rendering, good experience and better reviews about your company.

Weather bots:

This is a very common use of bots, there a variety of weather bots out there that you can choose from. You can use them to find out the current weather of your area, or the weather of any place on the grid. You can get the weekly forecast, the temperature, wind or humidity. You can even get updates on the weather condition throughout the whole day.

Finding information on the internet:

If you have any query or if you can’t find a certain piece of information, you can just ask a Chatbot and get instant results. ‘Ok Google’ runs the best in that area.

News and events:

You can remain updated with the latest news and updates in your area as well as internationally. You can stay up to date with the latest headlines from different media sources. Be it sports or even tech news, you won’t miss out on anything.

Virtual assistance:

Chatbots can provide you information regarding business, healthcare, Government, entertainment and even interact with your bank. Basically, instead of having a number of apps for your daily workload, you can use a Chatbot interface combining multiple apps into a more friendly and conversational experience.

Personality and communication:

Personality is becoming very important these days, shortly you will see an emergence of many types of Chatbots with different personalities. You can communicate with them if you have something on your mind or maybe you just want to get something off of your chest. You will have a friend in need.

I personally think that user-friendly Chatbots can be employed for conversation making, in health care. Specifically for those who might be suffering some mental illness and constantly need someone to talk to.

Advancement and intelligence both are moving targets; the achievements of the mankind are becoming more stimulated day by day. Chatbots are just another addition to our technological world.

So what ideas do you have? Where would you employ your Chatbot?

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