Best PCB Manufacturer in China – PCBGOGO Review

Are you guys looking for a company which can provide you a best and a guaranteed Printed Circuit Board(PCB)? Then, meet the most experienced and a leading PCB manufacturing industry in China, PCBgogo. It provides you an amazing work on PCB and deals with its’ manufacturing as well as PCB assembling. This website can really help you guys, to place your orders. PCBgogo promises its’ customers to provide them with fast delivery service and to place their order as soon as possible.

Why Buy Your Printed Circuit Boards From PCBgogo?

PCBgogo is specialized in PCB & PCBA manufacturing with advanced factory and manufacturing equipment. To promise a high quality of your PCB projects, PCBgogo has 24 hours online customer service to handle the engineer questions or problems you may have with your orders, all of your orders will be reviewed by PCBGOGO engineers. The PCBgogo principle is to use their profession to ensure that you get exactly what you expect. PCBgogo goal is 100% client satisfaction. PCBgogo believes in the happiness of our consumers or buyers who blindly believe on us. TO fulfill your urgent needs, we are known for our fast product delivery within 1-2 days. PCBgogo customers tell us that they buy from us because we are a reliable PCB and  PCBA manufacturer that they can count on us to finish their projects easily.

Also, PCBGOGO promises you to keep all your orders and your files/projects in the safe condition and not to provide them to any third party. Also, we provide you a sales manager which is an expert in answering all your queries easily and is able to guide you through the buying process so that, you can get what you are looking for. Prototype PCBs purchased through PCBGOGO are sourced from the largest prototype PCB manufacturers in China that specialize in producing small volume PCBs, over a short period of time, with a large variety of designs per month. (over 40000 designs/month).

PCBgogo customers believe us in any condition and we receive excellent reviews for our honest work. So, don’t wait now and order any PCB prototype and receive it fastly to work on your project. Contact us, in case you have any queries.

Learn How To Order Your First PCB from PCBgogo

Here is the complete procedure of how to order your First PCB from, after visiting the official website of PCBgogo a small window will appear on the top right side as shown in the given picture below for instant quoting. Fill those empty fields by adding dimensions details, Number of layers and set thickness parameters for your board and click on Quote. In the same way, you can quote for PCB Assembly. Kindly Create a New account (Sign up) on PCBGOGO Before Going to next step. 

Enter Characteristics of the PCB according to your Requirement 

In the next step, UPLOAD a Gerber file of your PRE defined PCB board.

Delivery and Payment

Fill the form complete with data.

Select method of delivery has 2 modes from DHL very fast, and HONG KONG POST takes its time but it arrives perfectly, everything depends on the personal urgency for the PCBs and therefore reflected in the cost of the shipment, I have used both services and perfect !! Select the payment method, allow Credit Cards and Paypal.

Video Tutorial:

The PCBs arrived

The PCBs were excellent, the quality robust, strong and very beautiful. To prove the quality, I added details and the screen printing replied without problems.

Watch Unboxing Video of My PCB boards Package from PCBGOGO

Electronicslovers Remarks about PCBGOGO 
  • Very good price.
  • 100% guaranteed quality or rebirth.
  • Good delivery time: 3 days by DHL.
  • Online purchase order.
  • Technical support, in case someone responds.Regarding the design, you can use any platform that allows you to generate the Gerber file, maybe in the next tutorials you will do it from KiCAD, Eagle will use it some years ago but for now, I will try to use an Open source.


Shenzhen JDB Technology Co., Ltd.
Address: No. 15, Zhongxing Road, Kengzi Street, Pingshan District, Shenzhen, 518000, China.    Whatsapp: +8618665922549     Tel.: +86-755-33066136

 “This blog post was sponsored by (PCBgogo).”

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Eugenia Arellano November 6, 2020 - 12:31 pm

I had an awful experience with this manufacturer. They took the information from different layers, and overlapped them in the same layer, effectively short-circuiting several traces. And the way they handled the complaint was also very disappointing….

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