PCBGOGO- Thanks Giving Promo 2022

PCBGOGO is a leading PCB fabrication and PCBA company which is specialized in quick-turn PCB prototyping and PCB Assembly. Our best-quality PCB products are delivered all over the world. On this Thanksgiving PCBGOGO gladly brings you a special promo so you can enjoy this golden time with the bonus of new products for your PCB collection.

You can avail of two main discount offers under this year’s Thanks Giving promotion. By availing of these offers, you can save hundreds of dollars of your precious money and get high-quality printed circuit boards and PCB Assembly prototyping.  

NOTE: These promo offers are available till November-27-2022. Get and Quote now. 

1. Up to $100 OFF for PCBGOGO users:

There are three coupons available for PCBGOGO users. These Coupons are valid for all PCB and PCB Assembly orders. 

Coupon 1: You can have $10 OFF on orders over $100 for PCB and PCBA. 

Coupon 2: You can have a coupon of $40 OFF on placing an order over $300 for all PCB products.

Coupon 3: You can avail coupon of $100 OFF on orders over $600. 

2. Thanksgiving Giveaway of $1500:

PCBGOGO is offering a delight of $1500 giveaway this thanksgiving. Every new follower of PCBGOGO’s official Instagram account can get a chance to receive $15 cash from PCBGOGO. A total amount of $1500 will be given away to our precious followers and customers. 

This is a first come first served offer so without wasting time visit our official Instagram account and make your thanksgiving a little more special this year. 

Rules and details for Thanksgiving promo-2022:

  • You can avail this promotion offers from October 27th to November 27th, 2022-(GMT+8) 
  • Thanksgiving promo special coupons have a validity of 60 days starting from the day you get them. 
  • All three coupons can be used for PCB and PCB Assembly orders but they do not include components and other featuring offers by PCBGOGO. 
  • Special thanksgiving coupons are exclusively for the respective promo and cannot be combined with other discount offers and coupons by the company. 
  • Every user account can only get coupons once.
  • PCBGOGO’s official Instagram is giving away predetermined cash on account.
  • PCBGOGO holds the final verdict and interpretation of this promo activity. 
  • For more details and rules of this event’s promo please visit @pcbgogo_official on Instagram.

Exclusive features of PCBGOGO:

PCBGOGO is China’s renowned PCB fabrication company offering its services since 2015. Three main factories are constituted of over 17000 square meters for PCB, PCBA, and SMT fabrication. It is estimated that over $50 million worth of electronic components and products are being delivered to more than 100 thousand customers worldwide since 2015. 

The growth of PCBGOGO seems steady even throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic outbreak, due to the trustworthy and efficient online dealing system which allows one on one communication facility for customers. PCBGOGO has surpassed $20 million in sales in the year 2022. This was only possible because of the hard work of the team of more than 300 professional members and the trust of our valued customers.  

  • High-quality standardization:

PCBGOGO always maintains the quality assurance of PCB products, PCB Assembly, and prototyping. The company is accompanied by ISO 9001:2015 quality management system as well as UL certified and follows strict standards of quality assurance and offers standard testing services. 

  • Competent and professional staff:

A team of more than 300 members works constantly to adhere to the quality of the product as is required by customers. A professional team of engineers and experts carries out PCB manufacturing SMT as well as checking and testing of the final product.

  • Worldwide PCB products delivery:

PCBGOGO is a notable company that conducts deliveries of PCB products and PCB component sourcing for over 180 countries. PCB products are delivered with care there is a facility to track your PCB order right from the start of manufacturing to the dropping at your doorstep. 

The company provides 24 hours online customer service and one on one communication with the experts and engineers for the production of products as per customer choice. PCBGOGO provides 99% on-time shipping by DHL shortened to only 3-5 days. Along with DHL other shipping methods are also used such as UPS, FedEx, EMS, and HK post. 

  • The specialty of quick-turn PCB prototyping and turnkey PCB assembly:

PCBGOGO provides Turnkey PCB assembly as well as quick-turn PCB prototyping. No set-up fee and free stencils will be provided for PCB assembly and all components will be sourced by PCBGOGO through reliable product-sourcing partners. Which allows you to have cost-effective, fast fabrication, and easy discounts for your desired turnkey PCB. 

  • Responsible and trustworthy component sourcing:

PCBGOGO is affiliated with highly valued, reliable, and trustworthy component manufacturing agencies. The company is responsible for all components sourcing for customers according to their requirements. 

  • Fast, reliable and affordable PCB service:

PCBGOGO keep on launching new discount offers and coupons that enable users to amend their order according to their budgets. Time and manufacturing standards are never taken for granted in any case. The usual PCB manufacturing time is 2 to 3 days but for urgent projects, 12 hours and 24 hours services can also be provided. 

PCBGOGO provides the feasibility of a full refund in case of any problem regarding PCB products and assembly. A transparent and clear price structure is being conducted with no hidden charges. The company assures the best quality and service regardless of the price or amount of the order placed by the customer. 

  • Easy access to the online audit of the PCB and SMT factory:

PCBGOGO has launched a website to enable online PCBA factory audits feasible and accessible.

Online PCB and PCBA factory audits will ensure quality control and let the buyers verify their reliance on the company. PCBGOGO welcomes the feedback of all buyers and customers and makes sure to optimize and standardize the production quality, capabilities, and cooperative relationships.  

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