Accessibility of PCBGOGO plugin for KiCad

PCBGOGO is a leading PCB manufacturing company famous for its reliability and authentication. PCB and PCBA products are delivered all over the world. PCBGOGO owns three main factories where the best PCB products and manufactured and delivered after double-checking by professionals. The PCBGOGO production line is amenable to UL certification and ISO-9001:2015. PCBGOGO has released the accessibility of the plugin for KiCad. KiCad EDA is a cross-platform and open-source software for electronic design automation. KiCad EDA has easy and foolproof features which take less time to process the PCB design but provide full authentication and functionality to the product. Quality and standardization of the design and product are maintained by highly qualified engineers and an inspection team.

Key features of KiCad EDA:

1. Schematic capture 

Schematic capture allows you to design your PCB layout in a very detailed way. It includes drawing circuits, wires, and symbols (from the KiCad symbol library). All schematic connections can be verified by automatic ERC (Electric Rule Check). It can filter out missing drivers, output pin conflicts, or unconnected pins. 

2. Easy PCB layout designing

KiCad provides a wide range of tools to make an appropriate layout of PCB. It is affiliated with any third-party sources of CAD tools and schematic layouts such as Altium Circuit Studio, EAGLE, CADSTAR, and Fabmaster, etc. it allows three various rooting modes which are:

  • Collision highlights: Simple highlighting can demonstrate the interference of traces on PCB layout. 
  • Walk around: During PCB designing the possible obstacles can be foregrounded by walking around the design through mouse curser. 
  • Shove: Easy to demolish the interfering or unwanted traces from the desired design of PCB. 

3. Realistic 3D imaging

PCB design is easily inspected by using a KiCad integrated 3D viewer along with a 3D models library. It allows wider rotation and pan around and gives a better view and better editing management than 2D modeling. Integration of 3D layout imaging allows ray tracing renders with accurate lightening, synchronized auto-updating, and customizable layout of rendering settings by variable board coloring as well as lighting adjustment features. 

More advantages of KiCad PCB Plugin:

  • Easy PCB layout fabrication.

  • Instant quotes and manufacturing can be done in one go by sending the PCB layout fabricated through KiCad to PCBGOGO after its Plugin installation.

  • Automatic calculation of price for manufacturing of the desired PCB.

  • The quantity of PCB order is 5 pieces by default.

  • Hence PCB layout design transformation into reality is just one click away. 

Demonstration of installation of PCBGOGO Plugin for KiCad:

Method 1: Download the PCBGOGO Plugin directly from KiCad software.  

  • Open the KiCad homepage and click on ‘Plugin and Content Manager. To install the respective plugin search ‘PCBGOGO’ in plugin windows. 

Method 2: manual down and install of PCBGOGO plugin. 

  • Open the KiCad plugin windows and click ‘Install from File’ and choose the respective Zip file you downloaded to finish the plugin installation. 

Brief description of the method of using PCBGOGO plugin for KiCad:

1. Install the PCBGOGO one-button to order the plugin as mentioned above.

(The present functional version of the software is in Beta so you will see the ‘already-installed’ status on the page)

2. After loading click on ‘Repository’ to check the plugin list available there. 

3. Search for ‘PCBGOGO Plugin for KiCad’ and click ‘Install’. 

4. Now you can place an order by creating a new or opening an existing document file.

(In the present Beta version the project file is based on the KiCad Template file.)

5. Open the Gerber file and select the PCBGOGO plugin which would be shown as a red icon. 

6. Auto synchronization of PCB layout file and parts of parameters with PCBGOGO quotation feature will be done after finishing loading. These advanced features allow quick quotations for PCB manufacturing.

7. From now on PCB designed parameters (assorted as width, length, and board layers) will be identified by the PCBGOGO plugin. 

8. PCBGOGO offers 5 pieces of PCB products by default but you can amend the amount of the order as per your requirement. 

  • PCBGOGO plugin for Kicad – watch the complete video guide here:

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