Top Career Choices America: Best highest-paying jobs in 2018

The most difficult question any person entering practical life is asked is his career choice. Jobs nowadays are not only expected to bring a substantial salary but a good environment, self-satisfaction, and security. We will focus on the most benefiting career choices nowadays in regards to salary and growth rate. Firstly, a good job is expected to have a base salary of minimum $75,000 (which is quite large compared to the national average of $59,055 as of January 2018). Second, plenty of opportunities for entering that specified field.

Data gathered on the expansion of high paying careers since 2014 ranked careers which are considered as top choices. The top 10 jobs are given below, ranked according to the base salary along with the growth rate of careers.

1: Machine learning engineer: $136,241 with 166% growth

 2: Data scientist: $132,915 with 106% growth

 3: Optometrist: $131,692 with 118% growth

 4: Computer vision engineer: $131,297 with 169% growth

 5: Development operations engineer: $125,714 with 91% growth

 6: Agile coach: $120,142 with 80% growth

 7: Chief estimator: $116,848 with 101% growth

 8: Full stack developer: $111,640 with 198% growth

 9: Head of sales: $108,788 with 42% growth

 10: Staff pharmacist: $107,584 with 42% growth

We immediately notice that quite a number of high-paying jobs are in the technological field. Other jobs include a variety of sectors such as architects, pharmacists, and coaches. These careers do not demand the education required for a technology sector, but they do require skill.

The conclusion from this analysis is that a degree in engineering or technological sector is more likely to get u a high paying job with substantial growth rate. Other jobs categorized are not as high-end paying but focusing on them is not a bad choice either.

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