Top 10 Best Summer Courses in the USA | Enroll Now | June 2018

Summer programs in the USA usually take place during the months of May and August and can be of two to twelve weeks or more. Students can take their time to attend these course and can learn skills that will accommodate them in their studies later on. The subjects also range from language, culture, arts, and politics to science, engineering and mathematics. Here are some of the top summer courses for you to choose from | Summer Courses.

Summer Computer Science and Engineering Course in California

(University of California, Irvine)

Campus      Full Time  6 weeks June 2018      USA Irvine

Located in Southern California, this university offers over 800 courses in 70 academic disciplines. There are many computer science and engineering courses to choose from including Introduction to programming and Network Analysis. After completion, you can get a UCI transcript as proof of your participation. You can add this into your future resume or applications. International students can also apply for these course but mist have a valid F-1 student visa.

Summer Science and Engineering Program

(Summer at Smith College)

Campus      4 weeks July 2018      USA Northampton

The Smith Summer Science and Engineering Program is a four weeks program for young women. Students choose two two-week courses. There are two sessions; from July 9-July 20 and July 23-August 3 during which a number of courses are offered. For example Introduction to Python Programming through Game Design and Engineering, Energy and Environment.

International Summer Program-Summer Research Experience

(George Washington University)

Campus       Full time    1 month July 2018         Washington

This program is for international students where students can gain skills in the fields of science and technology and writing techniques. Two courses are offered, Introduction to Data Science and English for Academic Purposes: Academic Writing and Research. International summer programs are offered to international students who are interested in visa scholarships. To study full time, students require an F-1 student visa | Summer Courses.

Summer Coding Camp-Ages 11-18

(Tekkie Uni)

Campus      Full Time    September 2018    USA Thousand Oaks

Students are taught coding ranging from basic logic to advanced coding. The school offers programs in English, Spanish, French and Hebrew. There are many parts the course is divided into, and the students take it step by step. You can register for these courses online | Summer Courses .

Summer Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Course in California

(University of California, Irvine)

Campus      Full Time  6 weeks June 2018      USA Irvine

The University of California, Irvine also offers a number of courses in aerospace and mechanical engineering. You can register for these courses online and apply. International students can also apply. You can also get a UCI transcript to add to your CV or resume. The courses include Mechanical Engineering Design, Applied Engineering Thermodynamics and Computer Aided Design.   

Summer Program for High School Students

(Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies)

Online and Campus       Full time and Part time      June 2018 USA Washington

Georgetown University offers a number of courses ranging in length from one to five weeks and over a range of subjects. The three main programs include College Prep & English Intensive College Prep Programs, College Credit Courses (available in online and on-campus formats) and 1-week Institutes & 3-week Immersions. The dates may vary but the courses are essentially run during the months of June, July and August.

Summer Peace and Conflict Course Kosovo

(R.I.T Kosovo)

Campus       Full Time  Part Time June 2018     USA Rochester

The RIT Kosovo Summer Program focuses on history, politics, and economics of conflict situations. It takes place from June 23-July 28. Watch a short video for more information on this program here. The program will give a background of the Kosovo conflict and other war such as war and peace in the Balkans. The students will also be given trips across the region to further improve their experience. There will be two main courses and one of two study tours | Summer Courses .

International STEM Scholars Program

(TUFTS University)

Campus          Full Time 6 weeks      July 2018 USA Medford

The International STEM Scholars Program will provide training in academic speaking and research work. There are some requirements for this program after which you can apply for this program. You can also earn credit hours in a special course from Tufts School of Engineering.

Summer Programs-Architecture

(Newschool of Architecture and Design)

NewSchool offers two architecture summer programs. Urbanism & Design (August 7th-10th) and Neuroscience for Architecture (August 14th-17th).  The program involves lectures by world-renowned faculty, workshops, field trips and guest speakers. Facilities such as libraries, Design studios, and Materials labs are also provided | Summer Courses.

Film Summer Course


Campus       Full time  3 weeks July 2018      USA New Haven

This exclusive program offers students (aged 13-18) the opportunity to study in the world-renowned campuses in the US including St. Andrews, Cambridge and Yale. This three-week program offers students a choice of one academic and one elective program. There will also be expert tutors leading the course in film industry. The course covers a wide range of topic including cinematography, production management, editing, and directing. Students will also be taught to create their own unique films. ISSOS are welcoming students of over 70 nationalities | Summer Courses.

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