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Electronic Engineering is a field closely related to electrical engineering. It includes the study of electrical components to design electrical circuits, devices etc. Electronic engineering is a large field of study. It includes various subfields i.e. Telecommunications Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electromagnetics, Software Development.

In the USA, there is a large scope for electronic engineers. There are many well-recognized universities in the USA offering degrees in electronic engineering, for example, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Stanford University, University of California.

Getting a degree in Electronic Engineering:

The typical length for engineering bachelor degrees us usually three to four years. After graduation engineers can also choose postgraduate degrees (Ph.D., MSc, Engineering Doctorate etc.) if they are interested.  There are many industries electronic engineers can look forward to for employment for example Telecommunications, IT, Electronic component manufacturing etc.

In the USA the highest concentration of electronic engineering graduates is in Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta. Bachelor degree is the most common degree awarded to students.  The most common career choice for graduates includes software developers, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, miscellaneous managers. Making the right career choice is crucial in order to have a good pay and self-satisfaction, so graduates should choose carefully.

Average Salary for Electronic Engineers in the USA:

In the USA the average salary per year for Electronic Engineers is $89,211. Indeed estimated this average by comparing salaries of around 9,637 anonymous employees in the past 36 months (three years). The range of the yearly wages is $30,000 to $178,000.  The average amount of time an employee stays with his employee is one to three years. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the overall employment rate of electronic engineers is expected to grow 7 percent more from the year 2016 to 2026 in the US.

Companies offering jobs to Electronic Engineers:

Indeed also listed companies in the USA giving employment to electronic engineers along with the average salary their employees are paid. Apple, for example, gives an average salary of $118,111 per year which is 32 % above the national average. Similarly, the US Department of Commerce gives an average salary of $108,477 which is 22% above the national average. Tesla Motors gives an average salary of $109,916, 23% above the national average.  NASA gives and an average salary of $90,970 which meets the national average.

Average Salary According to City

If we focus on the average salaries according to cities, California has the highest average salary, $106,683 for electronic engineers 20% above the national average. Similarly, New York has an average salary of $87,458 which is around the national average. On the other hands, Utah has an average salary of $77,800 which is 13% below the national average.

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