The 5 Steps You Need to Follow to Make Your Facebook Account Secure

In the context of data stealing, social networking sites like Facebook have to face regular complaints from their users. A new debate is now raised among users that how much their personal data is secured on social networking sites. You share many of your personal details in some processes such as while creating the FB account. You share your name, email id, contact no. etc. These personal data can easily be accessed by third parties. In this situation, many apps misuse your data. The main thing is that even you are not aware of all those third parties who are related to your FB account. Hellow guys, In this article, today we will know how to hide our personal data from FB and other social networking sites.

Follow these steps carefully

Step 1: Firstly, login to your Facebook account.

Step 2: On the right side, At the top, you will see a settings option. Click on that button.
Step 3: In setting page, there will be many options. Here, on the left side, you will see an app option where you have to click now.  

Step 4: On app setting page, you will see many apps. These all are stealing your personal data without your knowledge. You have to look for that app which is not in your use. Click on the pencil icon in front of that app.

Here, many options will be there. You have to set the privacy of app visibility. “Info you provide to this app”, in this option you can access all your data which is regularly stolen by third parties.If there is something you find unusual and don’t want to share this, then you can disable that by clicking on a blue tick option in front of that option.


Here, by reporting that app, you can delete all your personal information.

Step 5: The points to be remembered

  • Do not Install unnecessary Games or apps
  • Do not Accept Message Request from an Unkown person 
  • Do not share your personal data with anyone
  • Do not Click on “LINK” sent by a stranger in Messenger or Email
  • Do not share these kinds of information on Facebook such as your Credit card, bank account, email ID or mobile number. 
  • Do not Join Fake or inappropriate Groups on Facebook 
  • Turn on Two Factor Authentication option for your Account 

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