Breakthrough of Ardino-Pro Opta: Micro-PLC with industrial IoT proficiency

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Arduino Opta is now launched in Arduino- Pro range. Opta is a Micro- PCL having great potential in industrial IoT. Opta provides a flexible and versatile range of actions regarding industrial and building automation due to micro-PLC capability. Micro-PLC in Opta is adapted for better and proficient use of PLC in Industrial IoT as well as for PLC engineers. Arduino Opta Micro PLC offers high proficiency in industrial automation with a flexible and easy-to-use approach for professional users and construction engineers. Opta is a step forward and a milestone for Arduino Pro. It is going to set new and highly productive systems of automation in the PLC industry.


Distinctive features of Opta, Micro-PLC:

 Opta is specifically designed for PLC engineers and industrial/building automation as well as Industrial IoT. It is corroborated by standard languages which are LD (Ladder Logic Diagram), and FBD (Function Block Diagram). It allows engineers to work with the advantage of open-source, flexibility, easy usage, anti-vendor lock-in approach. 

PLC is developed in partnership with Finder, a leading company automation products manufacturers working on over 14500 types of products for more than 65 years. Opta provides machine learning capabilities and onboard connectivity. The collaboration of Arduino Pro and Finder brings out the new and innovative system of PLR (Programming Logic Relay)/PLC (Programming Logic Controller).

It is specialized for industrial and building automation and can bring out more productivity by PLC engineers and designers through its smart logic system. Its designs and easy-to-use features make it more reliable, efficient, and highly profitable.

It made industrial and home automation easy, and reliable with more connectivity through built-in Bluetooth and WiFi accessibility. It also provides easy and effective connectivity between more than one automation gadget, industrial machinery, and household appliances. 

Versions of Opta:

There are three versions 8A Opts series:


  • USB-C port for programming and data logging 
  • RJ45 port for Ethernet and MODBUS RS485


  • Terminals for MODBUS RS485 half-duplex connectivity interface  


  • Verified Bluetooth (BLE 5.0) integration 
  • Integrated Module with WI-FI.

Proficiency and key characteristics of Opta:

Real-time operations: Opta provides high-performance computing due to its potent STM32H747XI dual-core Cortex ®-M7+M4 MCU. Which enables it to perform real-time functions as well as monitoring and predictive device maintenance capabilities. 

Intuitive Arduino Cloud associability provides real remote monitoring and cloud device management.  


Fast and Easy: Arduino-Pro is famous for its easy-to-implement, flexible, and wide-range sketches. So Arduino Opta also possesses all these qualities along with easy tutorials and software libraries. 

It is easy to install and operate due to its DIN rail compatibility. It has high power relay switching (4×2.3 kW) which makes it readily usable for industrial and household automation. 

Impregnable design: Opta possesses built-in security systems which makes it more durable and secure by design. Its design is supported by OTA (Over the Air) firmware updates and M2M communications which ensure built-in data security from hardware to cloud. It is also incorporated with X.509 standard system and onboard secure elements. 

Available in three Variants: Opta is launched in its three variants to suit any user’s requirements. Opta LITE, PLUS, and ADVANCED. They provide various integrated systems like Bluetooth, WiFi connections, etc. depending on the version. 

IoT connectivity and capabilities: 

It has seamless IoT connectivity by using Ethernet, WiFi, and low-energy Bluetooth. All these connectivity alternatives make Opta effortlessly under control and allow effective monitoring through various devices. 


Opta provides machine learning capabilities and onboard connectivity with Arduino Cloud which increase its efficiency and elevate its productivity and proficiency regarding industrial/building automation/OEM. 


Various supported languages: Opta is programmable with traditional as well innovative languages such as FBD, IEC 61131-3 PLC language, Ladder, etc. Some open-source and free languages such as IDE and ARDUINO are also supported. 


Collaboration: Arduino-Pro and Finder collaborated and mixed their capabilities and expertise into one functional device Opta. Which is capable of all kinds of building and industrial automation with great proficiency and multiple distinctive capabilities. 

C:\Users\user\Desktop\finder and pro.PNG

  • NOTE: Arduino Opta will be available by 2023. You can preorder through Finder or Arduino-Pro official websites.

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