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EaseUS was established back in 2004, as a company that deals in software, particularly designed for storage management, disk management, partition management, and data recovery and backup solutions. The main reason behind its establishment was the development of reliable innovative software to protect user data in a highly cost-effective way.

EaseUS now operates in over 160 countries and caters to over 2M users worldwide. CHENGDU Yiwo Tech Development Co., Ltd located in Sichuan, China is the owner of EaseUS and owns the website domain. 

EaseUS has been active in this field for quite some time and has seen immense growth over the past decade. Now EaseUS products are installed in millions of computers, workstations, offices, and servers worldwide. 

One of the key products they offer is the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.

What is EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard?

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a data recovery program used to recover deleted data. Through data recovery programs inaccessible and lost data may be salvaged/recovered. This software is incredibly easy to work with, particularly for new users and so it wouldn’t be wrong to say that this software is perfect for anyone wishing to restore their lost data; it is not limited to professionals only.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Software

You can run this software on both Mac and Windows operating systems, whichever you prefer. EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard can be sued to recover “deleted, formatted or inaccessible files” from your Windows PC, laptop, hard drive, SSD, memory card, USB drives, SD cards, and other storage devices.  

What does data recovery software do?

We live in a digital age and nearly everything is stored in the form of digital data. Sometimes we may not keep backups or copies of important data. In such a scenario, one wrong click could mean all your sensitive data gone, forever. 

However you don’t need to worry, there are now solutions in the form of data recovery programs, such as EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard which help to recover deleted data. 

How to use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard?

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, as we mentioned before is a software that you can easily set up, The setup file is around 40MB and comes with a Windows Explorer type interface that assists you in data recovery in a simple 3-step process i.e. Select, Scan and Recover. You can download the software from EaseUS’s official website. 

Step-by-Step Data Recovery with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

  • Select Data Recovery Location:

In the first step, you must specify the location from where you lost your data, this could be your Desktop, Documents, Libraries, your hard drive, partition, or any external storage device. 

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Software

  • Scan your Device/Computer

The scan will actually take part in two steps. The initial scan will be quicker and during this scan, all the files in the location you have selected that were deleted are listed. 

The second scan begins automatically. This is a more thorough scan of the storage device and takes much longer to complete. During this, many more lost files are found. You can use the filter to filter for a specific file type. This will help you find the data you need to recover more easily. The deleted files found by EaseUS are sorted by name, date, and file type. 

As for the time taken to scan your drive, typically it should take around 10-12 hours for a 1 TB hard drive, but it can vary according to the capacity of your hard drive and your computer’s general performance. You can also back-up the results of a scan so you can continue recovering your lost files at a later time.

  • Recover Lost Files

In this last step, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard will complete the scan and then let you preview the recoverable files. You can filter the results to the file type you require. Then you can select the files you wish to recover, press the ‘Recover’ button and you’ll get your files back as they were.Recover Lost Files

One thing EaseUs asks its users to look out for is to not save the files you are recovering back into the same hard drive partition or external device where you initially deleted it from. 

EaseUS gives its new users up to 2GB worth of data recovery for free. The first 500MB is given by default whereas you can get an additional 1.5GB of data recovery for free by sharing the service on your social accounts.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard: Features

Following are the features of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard which makes it stand out as compared to other data recovery software:

  • Scan Mod

With the Deep scan feature, you can easily recover files you accidentally deleted. You can first try the Quick scan and if that doesn’t give you the results you want you can opt for the Deep scan. EaseUS’s advanced scan algorithm allows you to recover more deeply buried files. 

  • File Filter

Using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard’s file filter feature, you can easily sort through thousands of results to get the files you need. You can filter according to file type and enter keywords to sort files as well and then recover your desired files at once. 

  • File Preview

In case you are unsure as to whether the recovered file was the one you lost you can actually preview the file from the results before you recover it. You can preview files that include images, videos, music, Word documents, PowerPoint documents, or Text files. 

  • Data Protection

EaseUS not only gives you the ability to recover your lost files but also provides data protection. This is a feature that will help you avoid ‘accidental data losses’. EaseUS offers two protection modes i.e. Simple Protect and Complete Protect. 

Simple Protect protects the data element, it will save disk space but in case new data is added to the source drive, the protected data may be lost. 

Complete Protect works by making a copy of the data you are protecting. But with this feature, you can still retrieve lost data from the backup after new data is saved to the original drive. 

  • Recover To Cloud & Remote IT Support

With the help of EaseUS’s Cloud Backup, you can directly save your recovered files to the cloud storage so you can keep an online backup of your files. 

Along with this, EaseUS specialists are available and provide users with free, high-quality remote consultation and assistance. 

  • Bootable Media 

This feature is available for EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard’s Pro+Bootable version. It allows you to recover data in the case of a system crash or bootup problem. 

  • T2 Chip Support

The latest version (12.0.5) allows for exclusive data recovery solutions for Mac devices containing Apple’s T2 security chip. This chip provides integration and security to Mac however because of its heavy encryption data recovery software does not support the data encrypted on it. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, on the other hand, allows you to scan and restore data from Mac devices using the T2 chip.  

Where to Buy

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard’s basic version is available for free and allows for up to 2GB of data recovery. This is useful if you’re a new user unfamiliar with the software and you wish to test it out before you upgrade. Buy EaseUS Data Recovery

Then we have EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro, available for $69.95. Users are also given a free trial to test out this version. With EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro you can recover unlimited data 

Finally, EaseUS offers its Pro+Bootable Media version of the Data Recovery Wizard available at $99.90, also offering a free trial for new users. This version comes with the bootable USB function we discussed before. 

You can buy the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional 13.5 with 50% off, at a price of only $44.97 by clicking here

For Mac users, you can get the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac 12.2 for just $44.97 by clicking here


EaseUS’s Data Recovery Wizard comes with an incredibly user-friendly interface and simple step-to-step process to data recovery. We find this software perfect for all types of users. Uncluttered, with easy to understand directives. While the Free version only offers 2GB worth of data recovery, you’ll still find it enough for most of your documents and images that you wish to recover. 

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