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by Abid Jamal

I am currently working as a content writer. I recently completed FSC in Pre-Medical and now I am entering a medical field in university of Karachi, I have always had interest in content creation around hot technological topics hence I joined this group of people who shared the same interests as I do. Reading, writing and photography has always been my hobbies so reading and writing about tech fills me up with satisfaction and also I learn about a hot tech device every day.

I am Bushra Ghazal, From Pakistan. I am an Electrical Engineer with a specialization in Telecommunications, and currently practicing as a Core Engineer on a project for Huawei since July 2021. MY Hobbies are Gardening, Reading, and Some research work. I have also been a research assistant and Creative writer on Fiver.

I am Mussera-tul-Hira from Pakistan. I am currently working as a content writer. Recently completed M.Phil in Botany from UAF, Pakistan. Its been almost a year working in the field of content writing as a freelancer. During this journey wrote and published content about different genres like science, health, technology, society, and various marketing/affiliated articles. For me, Technology turned out to be an engaging genre to learn, research, and write. Researching and writing about new things allows me to learn every day and enhance my skills.

Khuzam from Karachi, Pakistan. I'm currently studying Computer Engineering at Sir Syed University. I am interested in learning more and improving my skill sets, aside from that I am also interested in the latest technologies. I have also learned some programming languages and still learning more.

I am Magaret 21 years old from Lesotho. I am in my first year of M.Tech ECE. Right now I am in India for my studies, I go home like once a year.
I like studying and I hope one day, I get to be one of the influential women in the tech world.

Sylvia Hopkins is a writer and a blogger who specializes in email marketing campaigns and ghost blogging. She writes about flow measurement instrumentation, flow measurement application, and technology. When not working, Sylvia spends some quality time with her family and friends.

Shocked Up encourages everyone to take extra precautions when tampering with electrical equipment. Read and educate yourself on potential hazards and safe practices!

I've always been inquisitive to know about how electronic gadgets function, what is the process that goes on behind the scenes. My particular interest is in the field of embedded systems and digital electronics. Being an electronic and telecommunication engineer, I've has the golden chance to explore more about my interest and build some awesome projects.

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