PCBGOGO Summer Lunar Sale 2022

This summer PCBGOGO brings you the Summer Sale with the glory of the Apollo 11-Lunar module; Eagle, and Moon Landing. This year you can get and enjoy special treats by PCBGOGO from 20th July to 20th August with new hope and enthusiasm. In the memory of 20th July 1969 when we have witnessed a man taking a step ahead of time and space.

Buzz Aldrin working with Passive Seismic experiment package, Apollo 11 Lunar Eagle in background

This year PCBGOGO is celebrating the 53rd anniversary of Apollo 11, a successful moon landing and return mission. We devote our honor to the team of scientists, astronauts, engineers, and all the workers who put their efforts into making the dream of landing on the moon come true.

20th July 1969 witnessed the great success of humankind when Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon with Buzz Aldrin. 

“That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind,” said Neil Armstrong, when he put his foot on the moon’s surface. That one step comprised of devotion, hard work, and efforts of so many people, industries, and professionals. Through Lunar Module, Eagle, Spacecraft-Lunar Module Adaptor (SLA), cameras, radios, television, computers, and much more electronic equipment, they were able to make a successful Lunar Landing and gather samples from the surface of the moon. This scientific exploration could not be possible without respective technological advancements. 

PCBGOGO Lunar Summer Sale-2022 description:

  1. Flexible PCB with free shipping:

Save up to $20 on availing of the free shipping discount on all Flexible PCB orders that cost over $165.

  • To avail of this discount, select the free shipping discount option on your payment page while ordering and get a $20 discount on an order over $165.
  1. Gifts with purchase:

This perk is for 200 lucky customers PCBGOGO based on a first-come, first served. You can receive the special gift of astronaut bookmarks on a $50 purchase of your favorite PCB. This bookmark gift will be chosen randomly for every customer out of the four types shown in the image.

  • You can get an astronaut bookmark gift by clicking on the gift option mentioned on the payment page if you have spent over $50 on PCBs, PCB components, and PCBAs only, excluding shipping costs and other fees.
  1. 3X reward option for all orders:

You can get 3 reward points instead of one point on every $10 purchase of PCB and PCBAs, exclusively during this promotion period. 

With these reward points, you can upgrade your PCBGOGO VIP level and achieve the advantages of the company’s exclusive membership discount.

With the increment of your gained points, you will be able to get more benefits with every order of your PCB. This benefit includes redeeming coupons and exclusive gifts such as PCB modules, PCBGOGO rulers, and more on achieving more reward points. 

  • Quote now and get the benefits of great gifts, rewards, and deals from this exclusive promotion. 

Important proclamation for summer sale-2022:

  • This promotion will be available from 20th July to 20th August 2022.

  • Only newly registered customers will be able to get the gift of astronaut bookmarks upon the purchase of $50.

  • Every account can get a gift and free shipping discount once during this promotion.
  • You can avail yourself one GO coin on obtaining 5 points every time.
  •  Reward points can be viewed on the reward point page. You can use them on the gift shop page.

  • A free shipping discount of $20 is only valid for flexible PCB orders that cost over $165.

  • PCBGOGO has full authority for the final interpretation of this promotional event.

Potential efforts of PCBGOGO for Aerospace technology:

The fabulous achievement of landing on the moon could not be possible without the teamwork and reliable equipment that has been used in aerospace machinery and computers. Any technological achievement relies on PCB as a fundamental component of machinery and computers. The better the function of PCB the better will be the results.

PCBGOGO works as a leading company in the technology and electronics industry. We are specialized in making personalized and reliable PCB products worldwide. PCBGOGO has been working efficiently since 2015 to impart the best of our efforts to bring a new victory for humankind.

Major Capabilities of PCBGOGO

Reliability factors of PCBGOGO:

  • PCBGOGO is the most reliable manufacturer of all PCBs such as Flexible PCB, HDI PCBs, PCB assembly, PCB prototypes, personalized PCBs, and so on.

  • We ensure the quality of PCBs by frequent testing and inspecting systems using high-precision machines like AOI, X-Ray testing, functional testing, QC inspection, etc.

  • All PCBGOGO products are certified with REACH, CQC, UL, and RoHS.

  • The PCB factories are qualified by IATF-16949 and ISO:9001:2015 quality check management systems.

  • We provide the best PCB components sourcing worldwide, as we have associations with leading components producing agencies and suppliers like Digikey, Moser electronics, and other reliable companies.

  • All of our factories are equipped with highly functional and up-to-the-mark machinery for PCB and PCBA manufacturing and storing.

  • More than 400 professional workers and highly qualified teams of engineers work enthusiastically to bring you better and improved PCB products. So that together with our clients we can achieve an even bigger goal than Lunar Landing. 

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