3-D printing- a way forward by JLCPCB

3-D printing is a technology used to manufacture 3d objects through various materials like plastics, bio-materials, or different composites. 

It is also called additive manufacturing. CAD (computer-aided designs) are used and objects created through a layering system. JLCPCB is undergoing 3-D printing to develop various household and electronics spare parts such as Custom 3D Printed Electronics Enclosures. The price starts at 1$ for custom 3-D printed electronic products.

Types and discovery of 3-D printing:

Back in the early 1980s glimpse of 3-D printing appeared in the documentation. Like so many other inventions 3-D printing was also invented as a side invention when a Japanese automobile designer Hideo Kodama was working on building up a rapid prototyping system. He invented the system of layering where he used photosensitive resin for layering under UV light polymerization.

Later in 1986-1988 an American furniture builder Charles. Hull developed and filed SLA (Stereolithography) which was the first step in the development of modern 3-D printing. Through SLA he was able to acquire his desired customized parts using a layering system on photosensitive resin.

At the same time in 1988, Carl Deckard developed SLS (selective laser Sintering) in which fused powder was used as a material instead of liquid resin under laser beams. 

The first SLS printer became commercially available in 2006 along with CAD tools for public use.  

Meanwhile Scott Crump developed FDM (Fused depositing modeling) also called Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF). In FDM/FFF heat sources were used to shape up the material instead of light sources. The filament of material extrude out through a heated nozzle and the layering system fabricates the desired object designed and inputted by the computer.

Material of 3-D printing:

There is a variety of materials used in printing based on the product and strength required for the desired product. Mainly thermoplastics like Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), metals, photopolymer, metal alloy, resins, fibers, as well as powdered and liquid material are used for printing objects.

JLCPCB 3-D technology includes SLA (Stereolithography) and MJF (multi-jet fusion) mainly. 

  • Photosensitive resins are used in SLA additive manufacturing systems providing smooth surface finish, good strength, natural white color, and high toughness properties. Products like electronics accessories, enclosures, prototypes, art sculptures, functional parts, and mater patterns can be made easily and at an affordable price of 1$.
  • MJF is an industrial 3-D printing system used to manufacture end-use products and functional nylon prototypes possessing qualities like good surface finish, consistent mechanical properties, and fine feature resolution. Electrical casings, accessories, drone spare parts, mechanical structural parts, toy modules, and craft prototypes are available by JLCPCB made by MJF technology. Characteristics of these products include high detailing, durability, chemical resistance, and smooth, flawless surface.
  • PA12-HP Nylon is available in natural grey color, whereas PAC-HP Nylon provides colorful products.

3D Printing Products

Process of creating an object with the 3-D printer:

Three basic steps of making your desired product are mentioned below:

  1. modeling/designing:

CAD (computer-aided designs) software is used to make models or designs of the product that have to be printed. All possible errors and impairments are removed before assigning them to the printer. Errors like holes, manifold errors, self-intersections, and faces must be removed for a better-printed object. The CAD model is then saved as STL or AMF file format for printing.

  1. Printing:

The designed STL or AMF file is then uploaded to the printer. The instructions of the model are used in the receptive file of the printer for deposition of material. Mostly, deposition of layers of material is done by printers in downwards to upward motion. Thermoplastic or any other used material falls through a heated nozzle in dictated directions based on design.

  1. Fetching up:

In finishing, final touch-ups were made to settle the designed object. Surface imperfections should be removed by using solvents depending on the material used. It also gives a smooth texture to the surface. Any supporting objects used to hold the piece in place are removed at this point. 

Place your 3-D order in JLCPCB easily as well as at a very affordable price of only 1$.

  • Upload your CAD file online, select the material to get an instant quote.
  • JLCPCB industrial 3-D printers and professional operators will produce your prototype and end-use parts with the highest quality.
  • JLCPCB 3-D printing service covers worldwide delivery. They will ship parts to your doors directly from their 3-D printing factory. 

Uses of 3-D printer:

  • Medical industry: 

The first prosthetic leg produced by a 3-D Printer was in 2008. Nowadays many medical products and applications have been made by 3-D printing systems such as hearing aids, customized medical devices, prosthetic limbs/implants, prosthetic rib cages, 3-D educational material, and tools.

  • Electronics:

Rapid prototyping is made available through 3D printing. It can produce simple spare parts, 3-D designs, models, electronic enclosures, keyboards, USB casings, PCBs, complex circuit’s boards, RF (radio frequency) amplifiers, Simusolars, micron-scale products, electronic enclosures, and robotics, Aerosol jet technology. 


Architectural models have become so easy and well demonstrated now due to 3-D printing technology. It allows manufacturing models of building, renovation, competition models, promotional models, presentations, decorative articles, and architectural projects.

High-quality additive materials used by JLCPCB in 3-D printing. Customized designs and models are constructed with high accuracy and durability. JLC3D uses verified and efficient processing of 3-D printing for developing the perfect product. You are one step far from converting your idea into a real product. Now start your 3D journey,from JLCPCB!  

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