What is Test and Tag and What You Need to Know about this 

The process of checking the safety of electrical appliances that are portable is termed as ‘test and tag’. This process involves 2 parts. First is inspecting visually the specific appliance for any damage and then, testing this electrically with an Appliance Tester. 

Once the appliance is tested, a tag is put on this confirming the same. This tag shows the name of the person who tested it and also the date of the next test due.

The main reason for this testing and tagging is to make sure of the safety of those in the workplace who come in contact with the specific appliance. This also helps in minimizing any risk of an electrical hazard. 

What do you need to know about Test and Tag?

Depending on electrical appliances can put these under the strain. Handling frequently leads to unsafe and damaged equipment in the facility. 

Faulty equipment or wiring puts people at a high risk of electrocution, injuries, or electrical burns due to the fire. 

Test and tag are an important way to maintain electrical appliance integrity. This also ensures that the facility is safe for not only the occupants but also the visitors. 

A test and tag technician looks for the listed faults. 

  • Safety switches that do not trip
  • Frayed cords or wires
  • Any fault in the wiring
  • Leaking of electrical currents
  • Any damage to the equipment caused due to exposure to hard elements or moisture.
  • Insulation resistance – a current test for leakage is performed at a voltage that is rated 
  • Faults with the Earthing system
  • Polarity, that determines whether the neutral and the active of the plug end are connected correctly to corresponding terminals. 

 Reasons for Test and Tag

As mentioned, the regular testing of electrical appliances can bring down the risk of accidents and damage to the property and/or individuals. This means you can achieve the goal of ensuring the safety of everyone. 

In case of an accident, there is less risk of any prosecution if you can prove that you have engaged in testing and tagging on a regular basis. 

What needs to be Tested and Tagged?

Experts advise that non-hard, portable wired appliances, power boards and lead need to be inspected regularly.

How often do you need to Test and Tag?

As advised by the professionals, any portable electrical tools, electrical equipment, and also extension cords need to be inspected and tested every 6 months. This depends on the workplace environment. A work environment that is harsh, like a demolition or construction site has a high potential for damage as compared to a quiet office environment. 

Benefits of Test and Tag

Test and tag offer multiple benefits. As you depend on multiple electrical appliances for your day to day living, it is advisable to ensure these run safely and efficiently. 

  1. Reduce the Risk of Penalties

In case your business ignores the testing and tagging of electrical appliances in the setting, there are chances of you being fined by the authorities. This, usually, happens when one of the electrical equipment that you use malfunctions and leads to damage to the premises or to an individual. 

The amount paid to the professional for testing and tagging is much less as compared to the fine that you will be charged. 

  1. Maintaining Safety for Home and Business

As mentioned, testing and tagging is checking out all the electrical appliances for any faults. This is carried out by well-qualified and experienced professionals. This leads to the safety of your home or business. As tagging means documenting the inspection, you do not face any problems with the authorities. This also ensures that your home or business is totally compliant with the safety standards that are set. 

  1. Minimizing Insurance Premiums

There are multiple insurance companies that require testing and tagging before issuing any policy. Your business determines this. Following the testing and tagging on a regular basis can bring down the premium as the insurance company recognizes the process.

  1. Enhancing Efficiency

Maintenance of different electrical appliances gets easier when you follow testing and tagging regularly. During this process of testing and tagging, the smallest of faults are looked into and the necessary steps are taken. This eliminates the risk of malfunction of the appliance. 

Before making a choice of any test and tag company it is important to find out detailed information on the company. You need to know if the professionals are well qualified and have the required experience for testing and tagging. 

You can go through the different reviews and testimonials of the company to ensure you are making the right choice. You also need to ensure that the pricing is affordable and the company offers the required customer service. 

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