The Top 7 Devices for Camping and Hiking

Getting away from society and embarking on an adventure in the wilderness is one of the biggest appeals of camping or hiking. 

However, very few of us can deny missing the comforts of a civilized society. Luckily, as technology continues to evolve, many of your creature comforts are covered in some way, shape, or form.

We will be taking you through our top 7 devices for when you’re next exploring the wilds. From the potentially life-saving to the plain luxurious, we have covered all bases here. Let’s take a look!

1. Radio Transceiver

First on our list, and arguably one of the most important, is the radio transceiver. There are many available, including some that can sync up to your smartphone (such as the Ailunce HS2). 

When you’re in the middle of nowhere, phone service and WiFi are things of the past. That can be part of the appeal, but it can also land you in some dangerous situations. With the right radio transceiver, you can stay connected when you need it most. 

2. Pocket Torch

Rubbing two sticks together and waiting for a spark might have been perfectly appropriate for the boy scouts, but times have changed. With a pocket torch, you don’t need to spend unnecessary amounts of time trying to make a campfire. Simply flip it open and light the wood. Beyond convenience, this device could prove life-saving in a pinch.

3. Headlamp

It can get pretty dark in the wilderness. We don’t want to sound patronizing here, but there are no streetlamps in the woods. When night hits, it’s suddenly pitch black. You might feel like some kind of miner, but donning a headlamp is a super handy way to illuminate your surroundings and keep both of your hands free.

4. Portable Heater

While your handy pocket torch can take care of fires for you, sometimes fire isn’t the most appropriate option. Portable heaters are a fantastic way to turn up the temperature without risking a fire hazard. They are especially helpful within a tent, where a fire would not be remotely applicable. 

5. Solar Panel Charger

There are no outlets in the wild, so how do you keep all of these nifty devices full of charge? With a solar panel, of course. The amount of energy the sun churns out is right at your fingertips with a solar panel charger, so none of your devices will be dying any time soon. Unless the sun stops rising, but then we have other problems anyway. 

6. Instant Pop-Up Tent

Gone are the days of wrestling with a complicated mess of poles and synthetic materials. Pop-up tents are the future, and the future is now. A few years ago, pop-up tents were only available in smaller sizes, but now you can get full family tents that can be set up in as little as 60 seconds. Now that’s convenience. 

7. Portable Espresso Maker

Remember how we mentioned luxurious items? Well, this definitely fits that bill, but why shouldn’t you enjoy an espresso while camping? The portable espresso maker certainly won’t serve any life-saving purpose, but it could definitely make your adventure feel that much more comfortable. 

Get Out and Explore!

And that concludes our list! You’re all set for the big, wide world, with all the creature comforts you are accustomed to. Some of these devices may seem extravagant at first glance, but many of them have genuinely practical functions that will actively improve your camping experience. Try them out for yourself! 

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