8 New Features We Will See in IOS 13


Apple is getting back in the game with their new iPhone coming up this fall, but they seem to be bringing out the big guns earlier than expected. Apple just announced some of the top features iOS 13 will be bringing to your iPhone. IOS is essentially the Operating System used for Apple devices. However, Apple seems to be doing things a bit different this time. Apparently, the iOS 13 will be for the iPhone and iPod Touch, whereas the iPad will get a dedicated OS called the iPadOS 13. 

iPhone is trying to compete with Google’s Android Q with its OS. Android is used on around 90% of the world’s phones so Apple has its work cut out for it. While these features are revealed many people believe Apple could unlock even more features when it announces the iPhone 11. For now, the iOS 13 beta version is available. Check out how to download the iOS 13 beta here.  Now without further ado, let us discuss what these features exactly are.

1: Dark mode 

Dark Mode is here for iOS after becoming a very popular trend among apps, we can also expect this feature to come to Android Q soon too. What it essentially does is replace a light screen with a dark screen in order to make the display easier on the eyes when in a low-light environment or during night time. 

 It will make the overall OS and pre-installed aps dark, along with the glass textures for the dock and notifications. You can turn this feature on or off or set it to a specific time period (sunrise/sunset) accordingly by going to the Control Center toggle. 

2: QuickPath Keyboard

iOS 13 is bringing a new swipe-based keyboard called the ‘QuickPath’ Keyboard. Essentially, with this, you can swipe your finger from one letter to the next and type without having to remove your finger from the keyboard. However, this feature has been available on Android for quite some time now through Swype and Swiftype. 

It is to be faster and equally accurate as typing down your words letter by letter. QuickPath is on by default but you can disable it by going to Settings>General>Keyboard and turning off ‘Slide to Type’. You will also be given predictive suggestions in the bar above to help type faster. This new feature is said to work in languages including English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, German, French, Italian and Portuguese. 

3: Photos and Photo Editing

The new photos tab will now feature new tools being added. The editing tools will be available front and center making it easier to access them.  You can easily check to see a before and after version of your photo to see what adjustments are being made. 

You can also adjust the intensity of pre-set filters such as Vivid or Noir to give a more subtle look. There are also new editing tools for vibrancy, white balance, sharpness, definition, vignette, and noise. You can also use Portrait lighting to add more light effects to smoothen your skin, where you can also adjust the intensity of the light. The new editing tools also come to video, so you can edit the video however you like, maybe even apply the new filters and effects. 

4: Camera

There are a number of new updates to the camera. The way your photos are organized automatically for example, has changed. Now they will be organized by year, month and date making them easier to locate. Live photos and video will also play as you are scrolling. We’ve already talked about Portrait lighting which is essentially a part of Portrait mode in the camera. You can adjust the position and intensity of the lighting. However, these lighting adjustment tools are limited to the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR. iOS 13 also added a new High-Key Mono Portrait Lighting Effect which features a monochromatic subject on a white background. 

5: Find My Phone and Find My Friends

The ‘Find My’ app will now combine the prior ‘Find my iPhone’ and ‘Find my Friends’ app into one. There is also a new useful feature which will allow you to find a missing device even if it doesn’t have a Wi-Fi connection or a cellular connection. This is possible through Bluetooth signals which can be picked up by nearby iPhones, iPads, which will relay that signal back to you so you may locate your missing device.  

This feature will, however, require you to own at least two Apple devices. The signal is broadcasted as a public key but when it is picked up my multiple devices it is encrypted and sent back to you. Your second device can then decrypt the signal while keeping your device’s location secure. 

6: Sign in with Apple

There is a new feature ‘Sign in with Apple’ which will log you into accounts and apps without adding your email address. This will help give users privacy from third-party apps. These tools can be used to track your device but with Apple’s version, you can authenticate your identity with Face ID without revealing any personal information. 

You can also choose whether or not you show your email address. Apple can create a random email for you to use on an app/service which will forward to your actual email address hence hiding your true identity. 

7: Siri’s Audio Update

Siri, Apple’s voice assistant has gotten a new audio update to make it sound more natural. The voice is generated using Ai software which will make it so Siri speaks with fewer gaps and non-human sounding modulations. The SiriKit API is also available to third party apps so you can ask Siri to play audio, music, radio content from third-party apps. Siri suggestions have also been added to Podcasts, Maps and Safari, Siri will detect content to be added to Reminders in messages and events in third-party apps. You can also ask Siri to play radio from over 100,000 stations by accessing radio streams. 

8: Memoji avatars come to Messages, stickers: 

Now the Memoji avatars are coming to Apple’s Messages app. So you can add a thumbnail of your Memoji into your Messages app. You can even customize your Memoji with new controls.

 iOS 13 will also include Memoji stickers based on your personal Memoji which you can use in Messages. You can also use these stickers in other places in iOS including the Mail app. 


That’s all we have for you. Those are some of the top key features we felt needed to be discussed. In conclusion, we can all say that we are pretty excited for iOS 13. Fingers crossed, we are still expecting some new juicy features to be revealed on the day iPhone 11 is announced. But will it truly bring that ‘WOW’ factor everyone is waiting for? 

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