Useful Guideline For Building Your First Mobile App in 2023

Breathing in the time of 2023 requires gaining momentum in the world of technology. You are always looking for ease generated through certain apps stored on your mobile phones. You have thus started controlling life through this little handy gadget. Creating your own mobile app might sound like a demanding task but it is quite easy and simple yet so beneficial. If you are looking for the steps to build your own mobile application, you have landed at the right place. We have got you covered so let’s delve deep into the article.

Steps to build a mobile application:

Prior to creating a mobile application, you need to ponder upon the reason for doing it. If you want to be a part of the entrepreneur race or want a solution to your problem. The strategy for building a mobile app goes different for different answers. But the step that will be the same for all purposes is to take a plunge and get started. [1]

Here are a few steps to building your own mobile app:

  • Catch a problem:

If you are interested in creating a mobile app, you first need to catch a problem that needs to be solved through this. The app that will get your problem covered and provide ease for you must be generated. After realizing the problem and generating an idea about creating an app, you first need to look if this problem has already been solved by others. Most of your ideas are actually a combination of already existing ideas. Molding them to generate an essentially fresh and new one is a technique that needs to be adopted for this cause. [2]

Example: there are multiple apps for video editing, all offering slightly different features than the others. This is basically a technique of remixing that involves combining different features of various apps to create a new app.

  • Know the Demand:

Prior to building an app, look for its demand in public. Whether people are in need of the app you are going to design or not. You can generate a poll on social media to get to know about the demand of people. Or this validation can become possible through the Google Keyword Planner tool to know about the interests of people.

  • Grabbing Ideas from Others:

When you are all set for building a mobile app for a specific purpose, grab as many ideas as you can from the competitive apps already running popular. Make a list of their features working best and the weaknesses that need to be avoided this time while building your own app. This step will lead you to perfection.

  • Designing of the App:

design of the app is something that hooks the users in the first place. Paying heed to the design step is highly essential while creating an app. Look for the best designs and the companies offering them. Go for the best suitable designer that has created some amazing designs already and is not working for the first time. Do not trust a first-time worker, this might get you in trouble later. While designing an app, one must create the easiest possible approach for users. It is a mobile app, so the use of fingers and thumb needs to be noticed as well. Do not build tap buttons on places that seem a little difficult to the user’s fingers.

  • Building MVP:

MVP stands for “minimum viable product” which asserts you to build a small useful app that can create ease for users instead of building a bigger one that is of no use afterward. This brings an approach to real-world users who can boost your confidence by telling what people want. You can update your app back and forth to finally hit the perfection level. All the necessary features your app is offering come under the umbrella of MVP. While the rest fall in the second category.

  • Hitting usability goal:

The usability factor demands you to bring such a product to the table that is useful. An app can only be user-friendly if it is designed properly, fulfills all the possible demands of the user, has easy navigation that doesn’t require searching, and brings ease to the user. All these factors need to be kept in mind while creating a mobile app. You can get to know the user behavior on your app through certain apps such as Flurry Analytics. It helps to give you feedback or reports about your product.

  • How-to-use Tutorial:

Build a how-to-use tutorial for your app that will let the users know about the features of the app and their use. We also call it the onboarding sequence that shows up on the screen and helps users get a proper understanding of the app.

  • Updated versions up to date:

Once your app lands on the live stream and users start using it, always keep the feedback option open. Get to know about user behavior instantly and be flexible to learn from their reviews and update your app accordingly. The updated versions always remain on the top and are eye-catchers for the audience. You had first built an app with limited features because that was your first step. But now the remaining features need to be added side by side to give users a broader range of features.


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