Learn How To Customize Status Bar Icon on your Samsung Smart Phone

Installing the new Good Lock app and enabling QuickStar for customizing your Status Bar.  

Samsung released its Note 9, which isn’t as exciting as Samsung fans imagined it to be. But, a new customization app has indeed stirred some excitement. Detailed by xda-developers Good-Lock is the new software that will help you to customize your Galaxy Note.

You can install the Good Lock app along with QuickStar which is an add-on to Good Lock. You can remove icons on display that take too much space or make your status bar seem cluttered. Also, you can open a new dock which can show up to six apps. Good Lock will also automate actions such as increasing the brightness of the screen when you turn on your camera through Routine Features. Good Lock app will be available for phones like Galaxy S8, Note8, and Galaxy S9 through Galaxy Apps.

Installing Good Lock:

Good Lock will be solely available for Samsung Galaxy devices running on Android 8.0 Oreo. It was formally released in the US after releasing in South Korea. So make sure your device is updated to Android Oreo. Then head over to your Galaxy App Store, search up “Good Lock 2018” and install.

Next, there are some companion apps required for Good Lock to function. Open Good Lock app and click the app’s features inside. This will take you to the original app download page on Galaxy Apps. Then, simply install the app.

After installing the companion apps, return to Good Lock and open the app you downloaded. Click “Allow” to let it access to your device. Then click the toggle to enable it. These same steps are to be followed for all the apps in Good Lock.

Enabling QuickStar:

Now you can customize your Galaxy to your desire. For example, if you wish to customize your status bar icon you will follow these steps listed above. You will have to download “Quick-Star” for this function.


You will download QuickStar in the same way mentioned above. You will click on QuickStar from the main menu which will take you to the app in Galaxy Apps Store from where you click “install” and download the add-on.

Customizing you Status Bar:

Next comes the actual task of customizing your status bar. Go to Good Lock and click on QuickStar. Next, you will click on “Simple Indicator”. You simply tap on the toggle bar to enable the feature. You will see a number of indicators such as Volume, NFC, Airplane Mode, Battery, Alarm etc. Here choose to enable or disable the features to your need. Once you’re done, exit Good Lock.




Further Uses:

Not only does QuickStar help to customize your status bar but it has a number of other features too. For example, you can adjust colors, transparency, background blur, and dimming. As for Good Lock, there are a number of new updates to this app. With Edge Touch, you can customize screen areas sensitive to touch and therefore avoid unwanted touch input. Edge Lighting+ allows you to add particle effects. You can also change the colors of the quick settings panel. All these features focus on enhancing UI and making it easier to personalize your Galaxy device.  

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