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An iPhone is a smart, beautiful and durable device introduced by Apple, this device is made upon the combination of a computer, iPod, cellular phone and a digital camera. iPhones are so high advanced considering how back when they introduced iPhone 13, it offered up to 1TB of storage along with 12 megapixel Camera. iPhones are always high in demand as they have the most modern and up-to-date features. The first ever iPhone was announced on January 9, 2007 and it was named as iPhone 2G which was released on 29th of June of 2007, people usually recall this model as the “first ever iPhone” “the original” and so on, this was the first model designed and marketed by Apple Inc.

The first iPhone had 3.5” of display, 2 MP primary camera, 1400 mAH battery, 16 GB storage with an upcoming gorilla glass it’s successor was iPhone 3G which was announced on 9th of June in 2008.

Well the latest iPhone has astonishing features and it’s the “iPhone 14 pro and iPhone 14 pro max” which offers storage from 128 GB to 1TB, with a display of 5.81” to 6.33” from iPhone 14 pro to pro max, it offers splash, dust and water resistance.

iPhone is very famous for its high resolution cameras from 48 MP main Camera, 12 MP ultra-side, 12 MP 2x telephoto, 12 MP 3x telephoto, 3X optical zoom in and 2x optical zoom out.

This device offers a lot of sensors that are built in including Face ID and so forth.

First ever Apple’s iPhone named iPhone 2G.

Latest iPhone 14 pro max designed by Apple.


There are many tips and tricks for using an iPhone, here are a few:

Take a screenshot: Press and hold the power button and the home button at the same time.

Find your iPhone: If you lose your iPhone, you can use the “Find My” app to locate it.

Save battery life: Lower your screen brightness, turn off unnecessary features such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and close apps running in the background.

Use Siri: Siri is a voice-controlled personal assistant that can help you schedule appointments, send texts, and more. Simply press and hold the home button or say “Hey Siri” to activate.

Customize control center: Go to settings, then control center and customize the shortcuts to access quickly.

Use Apple Pay: With Apple Pay, you can make purchases with your iPhone without having to carry your wallet.

Take burst photos: Hold down the shutter button to take a burst of photos, perfect for capturing fast-moving action.

Use iMessage: iMessage is a built-in messaging app that allows you to send texts, photos, and videos to other iPhone users.

Use iCloud: iCloud is a cloud-based storage service that allows you to back up and sync your data across all of your devices.

Use AirDrop: AirDrop is a feature that allows you to quickly and easily share files with other nearby Apple devices.

Picture search: If you are ever stuck finding a picture that you need to find urgently you can just go to your images application and click on “search” where you can type in the search bar whatever picture is required and even traces back to the date when you took the photo.

Message search: Just like picture search, if you need to find a message which has some attached picture to it, you can just go the message application and use the search bar, by that a folder will open which will take you to your required result, the folders will be labeled as screenshots and so on.

Quicker way to delete: If you want to delete data for cleaning storage, a quick way to do is by going to the settings, tapping the general tab and tapping iPhone storage by doing so you will get a list of applications taking your phone’s storage from the most to least, you can either tap on the app to delete or you can easily swipe and it will give you an option to delete, the swipe on anything in your device works for device powered by iOS.

Ability to remove a background: If you do not know already your device has the ability to remove the background of an image by just selecting and holding the object of an image that you want to keep, you can also do multiple at once by dragging two of your fingers vertically down on your screen and selecting as many as you want to, after that just tap on share on the bottom left and save to files, then you want to search your files and after opening them you have to select your images again and then on the bottom right you will have three dots tap that and you will have a list of options opened in the right corner, tap on remove background and you will have your images with their backgrounds removed.

Converting images: You can also have your images converted to JPEG, PNG or HEIF by opening the same list you opened to remove background under this option you will see convert images when you see so tap that and you will have your images converted to whatever format you want.

Dark mode: If you want complete dark mode rather than the default dark mode, open your settings go to “display and text size” and from there tap reduce white point, which will reduce the grayness in your screen resulting in a proper and a darker dark mode, you can access this by using a shortcut, tapping accessibility shortcut and tapping reduce white points after that you can tap on the side button of your device and tap it three times which will instantly activate this feature.

Website trap: If you ever find yourself stuck in a website where your device does not allow you to move from a tab to another tab you can simply tap and hold on the back button and you will have a quick overview of your history from there you can just click on another tab and you will enter one without any hassle.

Dynamic Island: On iPhone 14 pro or iPhone 14 pro max you can easily hide and re-show your live activity by just swiping on the dynamic island to the right to hide it and by swiping left you can re-show it, this feature works on every live activity.

Unlocking device: On and iPhone 14 pro and pro max, you can just swipe up to wake up your phone instead of first tapping your screen, to enable this feature you want to go to the settings app, go to accessibility and tap touch where you want to press “Tap or swipe to wake up”.

Siri: Now if you want to hang up on somebody’s call you can do it via Siri by just commanding it to do so, to enable this feature you have to go to settings then “Siri and search” and press call hang up that would enable your Siri to hang up on somebody’s call without you even touching your device. You can also change the time for how long Siri has to wait on you to finish your command by just going to accessibility in settings and clicking Siri you will get “Siri pause time” where you can set it from default, longer or longest.

Gaming: To make your gameplay smoother you would want to go to “Display and brightness” and pressing “display zoom” which will set your display to be zoomed in and set your resolution low which will enhance your gaming experience.

Notes app: If you are habitual of using the notes app and you usually make to do lists or bullet points you can actually categorize them into topics and sub topics. Underneath a bullet point add another one and simply gesture or swipe right to sort of make a sub topic.

Emergency contacts: If you want to allow any contact to bypass your silent mode, you need to open up the contacts app, opening someone’s contact, go to edit after clicking edit go to ringtone and at the very top you will see “emergency bypass” this is very useful and highly recommended because some calls are just too important to go unnoticed.

CONCLUSION: These are some shortcuts that every iOS user should know as it completely changes the way one uses their device and makes it easy to use it. So it is very recommended for every iPhone user to use them.

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