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UTMEL electronics was established in 2019 and declared itself as a reliable electronic components distributor worldwide. The company started as a small entity but with time they have grown into a large organization that is capable of sourcing and supplying electronic products for various industries and sectors. The company has now expanded its reach to cover various countries across the globe, including India, China, Japan, Brazil, the USA, and Australia among others.

The first headquarter of Utmel were constituted in Hong Kong. Utmel electronics endeavored immense trust and value in the electronics market due to professionalism and supply of reliable best quality electronic products. 

Mission on Utmel Electronics as a leading components supplier:

Our goal is to be a one-stop shop for all your electronic component needs. Whether you are looking for resistors, capacitors, inductors, or connectors of any type. You will find many suppliers and the best manufacturers on our website. You can choose the brand of your very own entrust and need. 

Sourcing electronic components are considered difficult because reliability and standards assurance is not what every company provides. Besides every customer or engineer prefer cost friendly as well as the best product which should be free of any drawback. The company takes pride in its customer service and quality products. Utmel works with different industries to develop custom solutions that are tailored to their needs.

Utmel Electronics is one of the leading producers of electronic goods for different industries such as healthcare, education, retail, transportation, engineering sector, etc. 

Why choose UTMEL Electronics Co. Ltd. 

  • Credential Certification: 

Utmel assures its customers of the quality of electronic products and meets the standards of renowned electronics curbing authorities.

  • Association with top electronics manufacturing brands:

We supply the products of the world top rated brands of Korea, USA, Europe, and Japan like Samsung, INTEL, CH products, Foxconn, Microchip, NXP, and many more. You can choose the brand of your desire and we will supply the products as per your demand. 

  • Smart BOM tool:

By using our smart BOM tool you can optimize your product purchase scheme as well as avail a comparative inventory pricing. You can experience intelligent matching model and recommended alternative devices. 

  • Premium-quality product:

Our utmost mission is to provide high-quality, long-lasting, and suitable electronic products for your medical, household, or mechanical devices. 

  • Budget-friendly:

We can help you cut down the pricing while assuring the quality of your desired products. There are sale opportunities that come up from time to time so you can avail yourself and save your money.

  • Fast delivery and reliable packaging:

Our storage and packaging facilities are up to the mark and meet international standards. We assure to provide fast delivery service. They can safely provide your next product on time and at a competitive price.

  • Atonable after-sale customer service:

Utmel Stores cares about their customers and they have the best customer service around. They have the best prices, best quality, and best selection of products. Still, if our customers find any ambiguity about our product or service, they can freely contact our customer care service and talk to our engineers and professionals to resolve the respective issue. 

  • Wide range of products:

There is a wide range of products we supply. You can visit our catalog and search for your desired product or manufacturing brand. We provide all types of capacitors, isolators, circuit protectors, sensors, connectors, ICs, resistors, inductors, filters, electronic crystals, discrete semiconductors, PCB power supplies RFID, RF/IF, etc.

  • Wide usage range of products:

Our products are being used in medical electronic devices, household devices, office electronic devices, PCBs, PCBA, aerospace technology, communication technology, AI technology, etc. 

  • Opportunity of vocational training:

To cope up with this difficult period of Covid-19 Pandemic, UTMEL electronics is pursuing vocational training and maintains our professional standards. 

  • Careful inspection and storage of products:

Our professional staff of engineers run careful inspection of product before supply. We have advanced storage and inspection facilities to maintain product value and ensure customers’ satisfaction. 

What does UTMEL stand for?

U: Universal – we hold universal to worldwide business.

T: Technology – we provide the best quality products that adhere to brand new technological standards 

M: Merge – we merge electronic products or mechanical operations skillfully to meet customers’ demands and standards.

E: Electronic – we adhere to electronics product sourcing as a reliable E-business enterprise.

 L: Legion – our company has an organizational value and works as a legion. 


Utmel Electronics Co. Ltd., proudly affirms the reliability and budget-friendly, best quality products with the assurance of quality and stellar customer service. In the electronics industry components, sourcing is a threshold step, which holds the responsibility for the success and failure of a particular electronic setup/device.

Utmel Electronics is a reliable source for electronic parts. They provide electronic components, tools, and supplies that can be used in various industries like aerospace, automotive, and more. We also offer a wide range of services such as custom design work, PCB assembly, and more. 

Thus UTMEL electronics is your ultimate and effective assistant for your electronic components sourcing.

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