Beginner Guide about APPLE VISION PRO 2023

Vision pro is a headset announced by Apple Inc. on June 5th, 2023 at its Worldwide developers conference (WWDC), Apple’s vision pro is a headset that incorporates real life with the digital world, it blends digital content with the physical space around you, it is said to be available to purchase in the early 2024 in the United states, the introductory price is said to be US$3,499.



With Vision pro you have an infinite canvas to work with, the apps you have always loved are right in front of you in 3D form, you can arrange the apps however and wherever you like and make the workspace of your dreams all while being mixed with the real world. You can browse safari, open pictures and music, message your loved ones and a lot more. With vision pro you can magically transform how your surroundings look like to create a place for you to focus; the apps can fully take up your space which will provide a safe place for you to ease yourself, 3D objects can come to life with vision pro, you can pull any object from an app on the vision pro and view it 3 dimensionally as if its right in front of you.

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Vision pro has the power to be the ultimate theater, as it is a brilliant way to immerse yourself in entertainment. You can expand your movies, shows, games to a great extent and you can feel like you are part of your favorite movie or a game which you like to play with the help of spatial audio. You won’t have to worry about bad pixels, each eye offer pixels more than a 4K TV does which will take your viewing experience to the next level, you can use majestic environment to make your screen feel 100 feet tall.

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You can capture magical spatial pictures and videos in 3D and also you can relive these moments with the excellent spatial audio, while viewing these memories you will be able to feel like you are in the moment as the panoramas surrounds you. For capturing images and videos you have a button on top of your device, you will just have to tap it and you will be able to capture whatever you want, and the pictures are not unclear these captured images have great depth to them, you can expand them to get closer to your captured memories.


Vision pro allows you to have more meaningful meetings, it is easier to connect with people where ever you want, facetimes are more fun, you can add apps in your facetime or different documents which all of your colleagues can look at, at the same time. The one you are facetiming with appears in your space and it feels like they are in your space which is made possible by spatial audio, it feels like you are right next to the person you are talking to.

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Let us discuss some of the important specs Apple introduced about the vision pro.


HEADBAND: The headband is designed to provide cushioning and it’s a stretchable material so that it can fit precisely on your head without any problems, you can adjust your band on your head with the fit dial.

BATTERY: The battery will last up to 2 hours of usage when it is not plugged in, if plugged in you can use Vision pro all day long.

SPEAKERS: The speakers are positioned close to your ears to deliver spatial audio.

ENCLOSURE: A piece of 3D laminated glass surrounded by aluminum alloy acts as a frame that is curved to wrap around your head.

SIGHT: Others aren’t unaware of the fact that you are using vision pro because of the outward display that shows your eyes.

DUALCHIP: Vision pro is designed to perform with two chips “The powerful M2 chip” that delivers stunning graphics with incredible efficiency and “The new R1 chip” that is designed to provide a smooth experience without lagging.


These were of the features and specifications which give life to the Apple vision pro, it’s Apple’s first 3D camera, it also has the most advanced spatial sound in any of the Apple’s products, if you want to learn more about the Apple’s vision pro you can visit the link mentioned below:

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