Power electronic tools are a major part of electrical engineering; these tools are very useful as they deal with the control and the conversion of electrical power through these electronic devices. There are so many common examples of power electronic tools like our mobile phones or televisions.


The things that these devices can do are unlimited because they are so beneficial, let us read about how they are used:

Let’s talk about how through these devices we can easily control power, systems where we need higher flow of energies or where we need lower energy is all controlled by the help of these tools.

The increasing use of electronic tools has had a positive impact on our environment by the reduction of electrical waste.

These devices have a lot of safety features that helps us prevent electrical fires or other electrical hazards.

They are highly flexible devices, due to their versatility they can operate in a device of any size.

Even in harsher conditions, power electronic tools are very reliable; they tend to live for a long while.

They make the conversion of power possible for example like the conversion of direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC).

Another very common use is the use of UPS to provide backup when there is no power a power outage.

These were some of the very few uses of the power tools, now that we have had an overview of some of the uses let’s look into some of these power electronic tools.

INFRARED CAMERAS: To find a hot spot in an electrical device or to check some temperature abnormalities infrared camera are used, the use of these cameras can prevent many accidents like fires or other equipment failures.

HARMONIC ANALYZERS: These power tools are used when we have to measure the distortion in a power system or other power equipment.

ELECTRICAL FILTERS: These have a common function to harmonic analyzers; these tools cancel out any unwanted frequencies or interference in a power system.

VOLTAGE REGULATOR: Power systems where stable and consistent power connections are needed there voltage regulators are used to regulate the desired voltage to attain stability and efficiency.

POWER ANALYZERS: To measure and analyze the power parameters like voltage, current, resistance and other power factors, power analyzers are used, just as the name indicates these are used for performance testing and analysis of power systems.

POWER INVERTERS: These are used to convert direct current to alternating current; these tools are commonly used in renewable energy systems.

MULTIMETERS: Essential for checking the correct operation of a system as well as trouble shooting problems, multimeters are used by measuring factors like voltage, current or resistance etc.

ELECTRONIC LOADS: For verifying and testing of the power electronic tools like inverters a load is stimulated in the power system which is made possible by electronic loads.

CAPACITOR BANKS: For storing and the releasing of electrical energy capacitor banks are used.

OSCILLOSCOPES: To display the waveforms of current and voltage oscilloscopes are used, these are also used in troubleshooting problems. It also helps to significantly improve the efficiency of electronic devices.

SWITCHED MODE POWER SUPPLIES (SMPS): These are used to provide a stable and desired supply and are also being used in a variety of devices for example computers or battery chargers; these devices are highly efficient and are capable to convert AC supply into DC supply.

CURRENT TRANSFORMERS: Current transformers are used in power transmission and power distribution to various power systems, they monitor current levels and are able to protect against overloading and short circuits.

These are some of the very few power tools we have discussed, there is so much to world of these tools, how they could be of our use is very important, in near future advancements in technology will lead to even better and significantly stronger power tools. These power tools help engineers having more reliable devices to design and test power systems with. Overall there is huge significance of power tools in computer engineering and further advancements will take these power tools to give even more efficient outputs.

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