Top 3 Best Professional Paraphrasing Tool Online Free

Writing has become a profession in the present world. As the online market is expanding, several businesses are seeking help from authors to plan the content of their websites. 

It is possible to produce leads in the form of the website content, blogs, or marketing messages. Most authors sometimes get confused because they cannot write the best and unique content.

The writers need to ensure that the best and unique content is being written. Occasionally, due to time constraints, the authors cannot submit the writing task on time, and so their clients lost. 

In these circumstances, paraphrasing tools are the technological alternative for them. But in such a busy schedule which paraphrasing tool to trust and which to try is the question.

Here I have enlisted the top 3 best paraphrasing tools that provide you with professional results and are absolutely free.

  • Paraphrasing Tool

Paraphrasing tool is basically a text convertor, when a text is added in them, it is transformed and a unique version of the text is created. 

In general, paraphrasing tools work by targeting words in a document. It substitutes them with the nearest synonyms so that the original sense of the sentence is not diminished. 

It also restructures the sentence, and paragraphs exclude any redundant terms or phrases.


PREPOSTSEO a renowned website that provides a lot of SEO tools required in this digital age. You can find an abundance of content writing tools on this website as well.  Paraphrasing Tool by PREPOSTSEO is also a part of their chain and is amazingly a professional writing tool with the best outcomes. This tool operates on amazing algorithms and the latest AI technology. The paraphrasing tool changes the synonyms while maintaining the context of the sentence. 

Using this paraphrasing tool you don’t have to worry about plagiarism results and sentence structure of your text. This tool has no word limit for paraphrasing even if you are not a registered user. In other words, PPREPOST doesn’t assign you any limit for how many words or how times to use their paraphrasing tool without signing up. 

Using this tool, you can even upload documents from your device or Google drive. 

Additionally, you can paraphrase your text in any language you want, PREPOST facilitates you to upload your content in any language and get results in the same language. Using this tool and getting your results is as simple as a piece of cake.

  • How to use PREPOSTSEO Paraphrasing Tool:

Simply paste your copied content to be paraphrased in the window provided. Then select the version of how you want your paraphrasing to be done, whether simple, advanced or in an AI version. Lastly, click on the paraphrase option to let it perform its function. Within a matter of seconds, your text will be paraphrased with the best readability and free of plagiarism.

2) Free Article Spinner

Another best free paraphrasing tool that can help you produce premium content on whatever device you choose is the Article Spinner. This is an online paraphrasing app which means you don’t have to install it on your device. This online spinner is compliant with all devices and is also recognized as the most diverse spinner tool. 

This online tool is updated frequently and utilizes the API of Spinbot article spinner. This article rewriter tool operates with advanced algorithms and is driven by AI. This encourages the rewriter to provide the highest quality and accurate readership material. Using Free Article Spinner you can rephrase, Rewrite and Paraphrase your content for Free. 

This spinner not only rewrites your content but even paraphrases it in various versions. This tool can be used to produce unique output texts from the same input texts. You can keep clicking spin text till you are content with the output text. This tool allows you to produce 100% unique content.

  • How to use:

Paste the content that you want to rewrite to the left column entitled as input text. Select the “I’m not a robot” reCAPTCHA and click the spin text option. Your text will be rewritten to the right column entitled as output text. 

Copy the resultant text or spin again if you are not satisfied with the results. You can directly paste it in the English language to your site or in addition, you can translate it into another language and then copy it to your blog or website


Another best free paraphrasing tool on our list is It offers great software to paraphrase all of the plagiarized content problems. It allows writers to generate more content readable while paraphrasing. It contains an algorithm to reframe the material to the demand of the sentence.

You don’t need to sign up or register to use paraphrasing tool. This online paraphrase is one of the few resources available online which allows you to paraphrase unlimited words in one go. 

When you use this tool, it paraphrases the content automatically, making a full comparison of both new and old contents in separate windows. Up to a thousand times, you can spin one input and get multiple output results. Without any constraint, you can paraphrase infinite amounts of content from this tool. In less than a few seconds the tool will paraphrase and create a new text.

  • How to use:

To use tool, simply copy the content that you require to be paraphrased then go to tool and paste it in the left-hand side window. Then look for the option on the top of the window. 

There you go within a few minutes your text will be paraphrased and you will be shown with the unique content on the right-hand side window. Either copy it directly or paraphrase it again if you want another version of the same text with different synonyms and sentence structures.

  • Wrapping Up

With the number of alternatives available to writers, it isn’t easy to find a suitable paraphrasing tool online for free. Thousands of tools will be shown on your monitor if you browse online. Is there time available for bloggers to search even half of them? The clear answer to that question is no, But you must like to choose a popular one, that is best and professional too. 

Consider one of the 3 solutions mentioned above if you are looking for a successful paraphrasing tool online free with professional and best results. It is a huge mistake not to be vigilant when picking a paraphrase app. Because of this error, the uploaded content will be negatively ranked by search engines.

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