LCSC: One of Asia’s Top Online Stores for the Electronics Components

Introduction to LCSC:

LCSC was established in 2011 in Shenzhen, China. Right after its launch, by 2012 it reached the milestone of exceeding 10,000 orders. By 2018, it started serving nearly 900,000 customers and processing around 3000 orders per day. Now after nearly 8 years of struggle it has become one of the fastest developing online electronics store selling original and certified products only.


LCSC is committed to offering a wide selection of high-quality products for its customers. LCSC has also partnered with EasyEDA to provide the best services they can offer together. Now it owns a 60,000warehouse stocking more than 200,000 kinds of parts and taking around 3000 daily orders.
There are a number of reasons why LCSC should be your next choice including:

1: Global Services: LCSC offers its services worldwide. LCSC offers brands from a number of countries besides China including Europe, the United States, Japan, and South Korea; all to help fulfill their customers’ needs. You can see more details about their global shipping services here.

2: Original Products: LCSC promises to provide only the best quality products to its customers. All products on the sail are said to be original and certified. Purchased directly from manufacturers and authorized agents.

3: Variety of Products: LCSC has a wide variety of products including amplifiers, Analog ICs, battery products, connectors, capacitors, sensors, etc. You can see the complete list of products on their website here.

4: Reasonable Pricing: All products are sold at a very reasonable price. This is why there is such a large inflow of daily customers. LCSC has become a name in dealing with high-quality products at reasonable prices. LCSC will give you up to 50% savings on cost if you buy products from their website.

5: Easy Placement of Order: You can place your orders as a registered user or as a guest. Placement of orders is also easy and can be done in no time! Simply

  • Add to cart
  • Check out
  • Fill shipping & billing address
  • Choose a shipping method
  • Review info and submit order
  • Complete payment
  • Order processing
  • Delivery. LCSC also provides first order coupons to new customers! You can also track your order by going to ‘Orders’ or ‘Need Help” > “Track My Order”.  They also accept returns within thirty days of shipping of the product. Check out their return policy here. For cancellation of orders, click here.  LCSC also promises to provide a refund for your orders which you have not received.

6: Wide Range of Shipping Methods to choose From: LCSC offers a wide range of shipping methods to choose from including DHL, FedEx, EMS, USPS etc. For more details, see the complete list of shipping methods here.

7: Shipping Fee: Shipping fee can be found from your shopping cart, Simple click ‘Estimate’ in the shopping cart to get the estimate for all shipping service. You may be required to pay customs or import tax charges which depend on your country policy.

8: Delivery Time: For parts in stock your order is ready to be shipped within four hours. One shipped, delivery time depends on the carrier you choose. DHL will take 2-7 business days, FedEx will take 4-9 business days while EMS will take around 10-15 business days.

9: Trusted Manufacturer Brands: In order to provide the best LCSC selects trusted manufacturer brands from China and international brands from Europe, the USA, Japan and South Korea. LCSC divides its brands into five types i.e. Authorized Agent Brands, International Brands, ValuePro Brands, LCSC Brands and ReliaPro Brands.

10: ICO Certified: LCSC is also proud to be ICO certified proving that it provides only the best to its customers. You can download and view its ICO certification from here.

LCSC is now one of the fastest growing online electronics stores. You can check their website at for more details and also keep yourself up to date with the latest updates to this website.

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