15 Important Travel Techs For Travelers | 2018

The modern generation is driven by an agitated soul with an inflamed foot. They love traveling, but cannot leave their cell phones in their homes, lockers or hotels. They want to follow fashion everywhere and brag about their lifestyle on social media all the time.

Traveling used to be amassing good moments. While vacationing, your first proclivity was always to switch off electronic devices. But today some travel techs have made traveling and vacationing even more comfortable and amusing for travelers. Although it is advisable to keep your traveling backpacks light, we have listed 15 important travel tech gadgets that have become important for every traveler to keep in order to enjoy more.

Whether you are planning to travel to a beach resort or going into mountains for some hike. These accessories will always help you and make your trips safer and enjoyable. So here it goes.

  1. Portable water purifier

A portable water purifier is a chemical-free filtration gadget. It is highly recommended by all the travelers around the world to always carry it with them in their backpacks. It takes away up to 99% of germs and bacteria from the water you are drinking.

  1. Laptop

Always keep a laptop in your travels, you may need it in multiple ways. You can click a photo and edit it with special effects on your laptop, along with surfing on social media to update your loved ones wherever you are headed. You can also book your hotel or change any last minute flight online from a laptop.As a blogger, it helps me to write my experience on it, so that I can write a blog later. It is also a great time passing device.

  1. Cell Phone

Needless to say, but we are obliged to tell our readers the importance of mobile phones when traveling. It helps you to carry multiple traveling maps, contacts, travel plans, and travel apps that can help you book your flights and etc.

I used my phone to change my flight to Copenhagen at the airport on my last vacation. Apart from that, you can always call and text from it.

  1. Camera

Well, we are sure your phone does a pretty good job taking snaps for you. But nothing comes close to the pictures taken from a professional camera or DSLR.

  1. GoPro

Although you are already carrying a mobile phone and a camera to record all the events and take pictures, you will need something durable to capture a video or a photo when hiking in the mountains.

  1. Flashlight

You can use your mobile phone flash as a makeshift torch, but we recommend you to carry a good, powerful long ranged flashlight all the time, especially when traveling to remote places.

  1. Headlamp

You don’t want to carry a flashlight all the time when hiking in the hills on difficult mountain passes. For this reason, try to carry a headlamp and illuminate your way through the difficult terrain.

  1. Power bank

Using an electrical device can help you navigate your way easily when traveling in an unknown territory. But what happens if all your power run out? Power bank can help you recharge your laptops, mobile phones, GPS devices, torches, camera and anything rechargeable. We highly recommend you to carry this useful gadget not only when traveling, but also in your daily life.

  1. Internet router device

If you love to stay online all the time on the social media platforms, it is important to carry a portable and rechargeable internet router device. You can enjoy internet access in places you never even have imagined before. Imagine calling your friends or loved ones from a waterfall, or a desert and enjoying a video call with them.

  1. Digital luggage scale

Nowadays, you can carry a luggage scale in your pocket. Well, it is hard to imagine but there are electronic gadgets that are as small as a keychain but work just fine. Carry one so that you can calculate your luggage weight when packing to catch a flight.

  1. Rucksack

If you are planning a hiking trip, we recommend you to keep your clothes and belongings in a rucksack. They are a strong and reliable way to carry loads on the most treacherous parts of mountains.

  1. GPS

When planning an off road and off the grid trip, it is imperative to keep a GPS tracking device with you all the time. If you are a group of 4 or 5 people, you must carry one GPS tracker with you all the time.

  1. Satellite phone

Traveling thirst can take you to places where nobody lives and there is no telecommunication coverage. It is highly advised to carry a satellite phone with you to make any emergency SOS call.

  1. Solar Backpack

This lightweight backpack comes with a battery powered by solar cells. We vouch for a waterproof solar backpack as you will have no worries if rain hits you. These bags are also durable, so there are no worries when using them.

  1. Travel Steam Iron

Well if you want to keep your dressing presentation on the top level, we advise you to keep this highly portable travel steam iron all the time.

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