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EasyEDA: A Place To Design Your Own Printed Circuits Boards

Learning always increase our thinking ability. And when it comes to learning Printed Circuit Board(PCB) designs, then a tech guy will be very exciting. PCB designing, dealing with college projects, learning programming and all other things always increase the interest of a person. Are you all looking for a platform where you can learn all this and increase your tech stuff? Then, you are not so far from your destination. EasyEDA is the platform where you can test your skills, where you can learn new skills and where you can even modify your skills. It is a place which provides you great web based EDA tools for electronics engineers, educators, students, makers, and enthusiasts. You all are welcome to use these tools for free and to create your own online web-based Printed Circuit Boards. There’s no need to install any software. Just open EasyEDA in any HTML5 capable, standards-compliant web browser.Whether you are using Linux, Mac or Windows; Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera, or Safari. Highly recommend using Chrome and Firefox. EasyEDA has all the features you expect and need to rapidly and easily take your design from conception through to production. If you are looking to create PCB, then in context EasyEDA provides you drawing tools, canvas tools, different cursor styles to enhance your PCB’s look. It also gives demos on how to create embedded systems, Arduino projects, college projects and much more for free. EasyEDA is a combined shop for electronics in itself. You can order your PCB’s and other components by just visiting PCB order or Parts order tab in You can create a new project by just making a new account on EasyEDA. Even if you want to get pre-made PCB designs then also you can approach this marvelous place. You can share your projects and also can view other’s project. Don’t waste your time. Just approach , create a new account and get started with your own PCB projects. Easyeda is the most valuable tool for Electronics lovers, Engineers, hobbyist and professionals. 

Learn How To Design and Order Your First PCB by Using Easyeda and JLCPCB

In the given video tutorial I have explained how to do a simulation or design a PCB for your schematic diagram in easy steps. Furthermore, i have explained that how you will order your first PCB successfully from JLCPCBJLCPCB (Shenzhen JIALICHUANG Electronic Technology Development Co., Ltd.), is the largest PCB prototype enterprise in China and a high-tech manufacturer specializing in quick PCB prototype and small-batch PCB production. With over 10 years of experience in PCB manufacturing, JLCPCB has more than 200,000 customers at home and abroad, with over 8,000 online orders of PCB prototyping and small quantity PCB production per day. 

Step 1: Open EasyEDA Online Editor Tool

Step 2: Sign up or Login ( if you have already account on EasyEDA)

Step 3:  Go to File and Open a New Workspace Window for your project

Step 4:
Design your Schematic Diagram by using available Tools and components

Step 5: Select all required Components and Dragged them to working space window

Step 6: Once You Successfully Design your schematic Diagram then it,s time to make it,s Garber file

Step 7:Click on Tab Near Gear icon at the top window bar and click on Option ” Convert Project to PCB”

Step 8: Now you have two options either chose “Auto tracing” option or “Manual Tracing”, I will recommend to use Auto tracing option because it will reroute all wires automatically and definitely it will save your time.

Step 9: Kindly Review your PCB tracing if anything wrong so do manual tracing at that point.

Step 10: Once you successfully Verify your tracing now it,s time to make GERBER file. If you really want to see a prototype of your PCB i mean that how your PCB will look then you must need to have GERBER file.

Step 11: Kindly CLick On “Gerber Output”Tab near Photo view icon at the top window bar, a new window will appear with an option ” Download Your Gerber File” Click on that and Save your Gerber File in your PC inside New Folder.

Step 12: Open JLCPCB and Click on Tab ” Add Your Gerber File ” then select that File which you saved on a New folder in the previous step. It will take some time to load your GERBER file mostly it depends on file size and internet speed. Once it finished you will see a Prototype of Your PCB.

Scroll Down and Select Properties for your Board according to your requirement Such as Like

At the Right corner, you will see a real-time change in Cost whenever you do some changes on properties of your board like Dimensions or Material details. This is a good option to make your PCB under a suitable Budget.


Step 13: Place Your Order and Select method of delivery has 2 modes from DHL very fast, and Registered Air Mail takes its time but it arrives perfectly, everything depends on the personal urgency for the PCBs and therefore reflected in the cost of the shipment, I have used both services and perfect !! Select payment method, allow Credit Cards and Paypal.

The PCBs arrived For My Project Arduino Based MPPT Charge Controller

Some images of the PCB’s of my prototype Arduino Based MPPT Charge Controller wooow !!!! I’m anxious to weld. The PCBs were excellent, the quality robust, strong and very beautiful.

Watch Unboxing Video of My PCB boards Package from JLCPCB

I recommend this service as they mention on their page
  • Very good price.
  • 100% guaranteed quality or rebirth.
  • Good delivery time: 3 days by DHL.
  • Online purchase order.
  • Technical support, in case someone responds.Regarding the design, you can use any platform that allows you to generate the Gerber file, maybe in the next tutorials you will do it from KiCAD, Eagle will use it some years ago but for now, I will try to use an Open source.


 “This blog post was sponsored by (JLCPCB).”

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