Two faces of the internet: Deep web or Dark web? 

Without the Internet in the present generation, our lives would have been incomplete. The Internet benefits us a lot in many ways. Today in this article let us not discuss the pros or advantages of the Internet. Few of you might hear about Dark Web; I will make you understand what Dark Web is in this article. There are so many things that are hidden from regular internet use, by many secret agencies, large enterprises, and governments. Few of them are illegal things. Before I tell you How to access the dark web? Look into different features.The internet sites which we access in our daily life like Google, Facebook, YouTube and many other popular sites these are the part of the surface internet (which are easily visible to any person). We can search the surface internet and access quickly with the help of any traditional search engine tools like Google, Yahoo, Yandex or any other popular browser like Chrome or Firefox.They are few sites on the internet which are protected with passwords. No one can enter the site without permission. These sites are not indexed by search engines because the bots cannot enter these sites because of the password protection.

What is Deep Web?

In the beginning, we will first explain the term Deep web and later on, we will explore the term Dark Web. First, don’t get confused and mix these two terms Deep Web and Dark Web. These two are different parts of the internet we use. Deep Web is the encrypted or password protected network protected by Tor Servers.In the deep web of the internet, you will see the databases and secret files of government agencies, big business, and many others which are not helpful for a regular internet user to know, and that is the main reason that these things are hidden from a regular internet user.

Want to access the deep web? Here it is how to do it:

First, If you want to access the deep web, you need a special URL. Special URL can be received from the agency or company for accessing the Deep Web. Without the URL and Password, no one can gain entree to the Deep Web. This type of protection is helpful for the businesses who want to share their data across the globe but with limited persons deep web method help them a lot.

What is Dark Web (The Dark Internet)?

Dark Web is the deepest and unsafe part of the internet that anyone can reach. Dark Web is the place of the web where many illegal things like Drug Trading, Weapons, Human part trading, Arms Trading, Child Pornography, Hitman hiring, Credit card trading, Fraudulent passport and CitizenShips, Money Laundering and Counterfeiting happen. Dark Web is the place for criminals, Black Hat Hackers, and Terrorists. I request to all of you that please do not access the Dark web by using these traditional browsers such as Chrome and Firefox. If you are going to use these browsers than definitely, you are giving a safe chance to a hacker to come and steal my data such as your personal information and credit card details. First of all, it,s hard to Access Dark web by using those traditional Browsers but somehow if you did than definitely, you will create trouble for yourself. Accessing dark web is not easy because of the overlay networks. We require specific software and configurations or authorization to access the dark web.
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