New Idea for Smartphone Case That will leave you booming

Hello, my name is Robert Delvalle first-year student in electronics engineering, I’m from Puerto Rico, studying in ‘’Universidad del Este’’. In this project, my colleagues and I wanted to create something not frequently seen and with good utility since this is what engineering is all about. Being innovative and to satisfy the need of man. So we sat down and brainstormed for a while and I came up with the idea of making a phone case with ejectable speakers. Thus it began, we started working on the project with the mindset of something sleek and good looking. We used a method our teacher told us to use to keep things organized:
  • ·         Plan
  • ·         Design
  • ·         Construct
  • ·         Operate
  • ·         Maintain


This method really helped us stay on the right foot since you can use these as guidelines for any project. Another big help would be making a schedule for your project,(when to start, when to end, when to search information, give yourself a break, and stay focused on IT). Our project took at least 2 and a half weeks to complete on paper and once we had It on paper we would analyze it over and over again until we thought it didn’t need anything else, though there’s all ways room for changes.
Before we started to create the actual project we had to make our own imaginary company so we could actually take profit from our creation. Since our project was music related we decided to name it the Music Innovation Company (MIC) for shorts. It was either making our own company or selling it to an already existing company in which we would take less profit from our item. Making us take the decision of making our own, but staying on the realistic side of things. When you start a company you start small and with very limited resources so if we were to start a real company we will only have regional support instead of worldwide. Just a small note to keep in mind.
We decided to create the ‘’Boom Bitz’’ for those phones which have poor sound quality. The Boom Bitz not only will make your phone look better it will also make your phone sound better! This was our objective help those in need and those who wish to have a stylish phone so it could be a win/win on both sides. This would help us improve our profits.
The materials used for the ‘’Boom Bitz’’ are a balance of plastic, rubber, and metal so you could end up having a durable case, as for the price we decided to make it 30-45$ depending on the size of your phone. Lastly, this is not an official project but it would be nice to make it happen! If you have any questions related to the project you can email me at: or at the WhatsApp group of which you can find on their Instagram:
As technology grows and grows we can improve not only mine but any project in the making available. It is just a matter of determination and educating you with the right mindset! At this point and age anything is possible, so please if you have a project in mind, just START! Even if it’s just on paper. Who knows if in the future it will make it be the real thing! If you feel like you can’t make it on your own, get help! Asking is all it takes. Very grateful for this opportunity and hope I can make more projects like these in the future.

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