Why I feel so alone | Does technology make us more alone?

Day by day researchers do their best to find better and easier ways for us to interact but a new question has arisen..”Does technology make us more alone?” or “I have technology in my hands Still I feel so alone “

We are living in an advanced age. The technologies being introduced today were never thought possible to exist some fifty years before. 

Why “I feel so alone” Many elderly people are seen to complain that the next generation of kids hardly interacts face to face. Instead, teenagers are seen glued to their smartphones or TV screens. This is not wrong completely but it cant be considered right either. As mentioned before we are living in an
age where it is impossible to keep up with the rest of the world if we do not have the latest tech in our labs, in our offices, and at homes.
Nearly 1.32 billion people on average log onto Facebook daily (Facebook DAU) for June 2017,(Source: Facebook as 07/26/17) Facebook has 2.01 billion monthly active users, WhatsApp (500 million), Twitter (284 million) and Instagram (600 million) (Source: CNBC). This shows that wehave become more globally connected over the ages. Technology has helped us leap over time barriers, a message that would take weeks to send now take seconds. We can contact our loved ones from miles away easily.
After reading a total number of user survey of Facebook, still, we believe in this statement “Does technology make us more alone?” The answer is yes people are facing a problem, we have become socially deprived in a way. Consider our everyday life, we see a group of friends hanging out, they might talk to each other face to face but each one is more likely to constantly check their phones for updates on the latest news, the hottest gossip, the new fashion line, notifications on social websites, etc. Studies reveal that people who are addicted to socializing online more than face to face, suffer from anxiety, this can be clearly seen if their phones are taken away from them. Some people even say that we are losing our human touch. Also, we are losing our intimacy. This is obvious as a hug is ten times more powerful than an emoticon.
At the same time, it is impossible for us to stop using modern technology, it would be almost as if we have gone back to the stone age. Some people claim that socializing face to face has become harder for them, that they have become socially awkward and they find socializing on social media easier. That is true in a way but socializing online has a less realistic touch and one day it will force you to write these words in your facebook statement ” I feel so alone“. When we converse face to face we use hand gestures, facial expressions but texting takes less effort. Even the smallest messages that we send are emotionless but are sent in such a way that we feel satisfied. Many people claim that they find it easier to socialize online because they don’t have to go through the problems of what to say, what to wear, how to talk, which gesture should I use, it is far easier to break off relationships too since texting is straightforward.

Hence we conclude that we might have become socially deprived or “alone” but we cannot ignore the fact that modern technology has many benefits, we should use technology in a more positive way and become globally connected to the world, but at the same time we should take care to talk face to face and not lose our human touch, as we know the human’s survival is all based on one  thing “connection” we all together will do our best to defeat this statement by answering No to this question, Does technology make us more alone?


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