Application and Facts of Artificial Intellegience

by Robert Poloboc
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  • The uses and functions of artificial technology is soaring as the day goes by, many gadgets that are common to our daily routines use artificial intelligence technology but we do not pay much attention to it, one thing is when we use a device which uses AI technology and it gets common it is no longer “considered” to be an AI.
  • When we hear the word AI we normally think about Chess-playing computers or robots which do not cover the depth of the wondrous world of artificial intelligence.
  • From Apple’s siri to self-driving cars everything is based on artificial intelligence technology as AI is progressing on a rapid speed.
  • AI has brought a revolution in the world of technology.
  • What makes AI interesting is how AI can perform similar tasks to human beings but at a faster rate and with fewer mistakes this also makes AI super reliable.


  • An AI is the method to approach for a machine to think intelligently like a human, this is achieved by studying how a human mind thinks, the way a normal brain behaves and then engrave it in a device.
  • Artificial intelligence or AI is based on human intelligence, visual perception, speech recognition, decision making and translating languages.
  • AI technology is the ability of a machine to learn from experience, if loaded with the right instructions it can think and act just like humans do.
  • An AI machine could be interpreted as a machine that imitates human intelligence that exhibits trait of a human mind such as learning and the ability to reason to solve problems and to act upon the stimulus the machine has been provided with.
  • This technology serves to provide advanced intelligent systems and that is it’s goal.


  • The first time when the idea of AI was brought to light was in 1956 in Dartmouth conference where John McCarthy came up with the term of Artificial intelligence.
  • Since 1956 many advancements and a lot of effort were out into the making of the perfect artificial intelligence using device.
  • In 2002 the first commercially successful robotic vacuum cleaner was invented.
  • In the late 1990s and the early 21st century AI became widely used in elements on larger scale as from 2005 to 2019 we were able to see AI applications in almost every business sector like speech recognition, Robotic process automation (RPA), dancing robots etc.


  • It is estimated by 2045 that AI will surpass human intelligence, around the same time AI will open around 2 million new job positions.
  • Nearly 77% of devices use artificial intelligence in one form or another.
  • Forecasts indicate that by 2024 there will about 8.4 billion AI assistants that exceed the current population of humans on earth.
  • Because AI has become so revolutionary, big companies would strategize using AI to become more successful.
  • According to the AI index, world’s top universities have increased their AI related education.
  • The top five regions for AI engineers are the USA, China, Europe, Canada and India.
  • Banks use AI for revenue generation and risk management.
  • Deep blue was the first AI robot made in 1996 which was a self-chess playing computer.
  • Within the next 10 years experts believe that AI will take over 16% of the current jobs.
  • The TUG ROBOT plays a vital role in the medical world can carry up to 1000 pounds of medicine and transfer it to a location in any hospital.
  • AI systems are now capable of composing audio, text and pictures. This helps in features like face recognition or voice recognition


  • AI is found in every sector of life, in healthcare, hospitality, agriculture, education and many more fields AI is used.
  • It has significantly improved the living style of a common man making life a lot easier for one to live, so there are a lot of applications of AI which can be found nearly everywhere.


  • AI is being used in various factors in the health care industry like medical experts use variety of AI technology to detect disease or cancerous cells in the early period of infection.
  • AI uses the historical data and medical intelligence for the discovery of new drugs.


AI has a lot of influence on our daily lives, following are some ways AI has influenced has:-

  1. SPAM FOLDERS:-Emails that we send everyday are filtered out by AI which put the spam emails in the spam folders, the emails we see are filtered by AI.
  2. FACIAL RECOGNITION:-AI is used in facial recognition which could be used in facial locks.
  3. VOICE RECOGNITION:-By using AI in voice recognition devices like Apple’s siri or Amazon’s Alexa are made, as these devices use voice interpretation for the required result.
  4. RECOMMENDATION:-Almost every social media platform uses recommendation system to get user’s data and provide the user with adds or content with their interests.


  • There is a diverse use of artificial intelligence technology in the field of robotics, robotics is yet another field where the use of AI technology is very common.
  • Some of the most commonly used robots are robot vacuum cleaners and kitchen robots.
  • Robots are also very essential in the healthcare industry where they are used to lift heavy objects and transfer them from place to another, one of such robots is the Tug robot.
  • Robots are also used in surveillance and as to provide safety.


  • Gaming is another sector where artificial intelligence technology is used.
  • By using artificial intelligence gaming producers can make human like NPCs which makes a realistic game view.


  • Social media like Instagram uses AI which considers your on posts and provides you with content which is more suitable to your likes.
  • A tool called Deep text which is on Facebook uses AI to instantly translate posts from different languages to others.
  • For fraud detection and hateful content, Twitter uses AI, also for providing the user with the suitable content with what they need.


  • Artificial intelligence is progressing on a very rapid pace and will soon be taking over the world, it is revolutionizing the industries by it’s new and even fascinating devices which will make it easier for life to go on.

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