12 Reasons Why Woo Commerce is the perfect partner for an E-Commerce website?

by Bushra Ghazal
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The trend of online shopping is increasing day by day. There are many online stores, but it is always hard to find is the best e-commerce platform. One of the famous e-commerce platforms that are suitable for all types of business is Woo Commerce.

Before going into the depth of reasons why Woo Commerce is the perfect partner for E-commerce. First, we will see what these websites are? What services are they providing? Hope, you’ll get the answers to all your questions related to these websites in this article. Keep on reading!

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E-Commerce refers to the buying and selling of products through online stores. While woo commerce is a plugin of WordPress, designed especially for online merchants of large and small businesses. Woo commerce is free to use, but for some advanced features, you have to buy it. Woo Commerce works easily on all WordPress themes. For better performance of the theme, you can add extensions and plugins. Themes available in Woo Commerce are Shoptimizer, Astra, Shoppe, Flatsome, Neo, Extra, and Woo Cart.

Steps to add the Product in Woo Commerce:

  • Select the products option from the Woo Commerce dashboard.
  • Add the title and the products description.
  • Search the data related to the product.
  • Add all the required product details.
  • Click on the option “Update” or “Publish”

Steps to add the Checkout page in WordPress:

For the addition of the Checkout page in the WordPress you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Add the new in the Woo Commerce dashboard.
  • From the menu, the column selects the checkout icon of the one page.
  • You will see the notification on the page. Complete the product section in this notification.
  • Template selection will be done in this step. Now, select the ‘Pon’ option to create the short code.

Woo Commerce plugins in WordPress 

  • MonsterInsights
  • OptinMonster 
  • Live Chat 
  • Constant Contact 
  • YITH Woo Commerce Wishlist 
  • TrustPulse
  • Woo Commerce Multilingual

How to Enable Woo commerce in WordPress?

  1. Choose the domain name and the best hosting for the online store.
  2. Next, set the dashboard of WordPress.
  3. Now enter the theme of your choice for the online store.
  4. Install woo commerce plugins first, then activate them. 
  5. Create the free account by clicking on the Woo Commerce Signup option
  6. Run your created Woo Commerce website.

Import Export of the Products through Woo Commerce:

  1. Open the dashboard of Woo Commerce
  2. Select the option CSV import suite on the dashboard.
  3. Look for the exported product above.  
  4. Select the option, Select Variations.

Reasons why Woo Commerce is perfect?

Woo Commerce is the platform of e-Commerce. Some of the reasons why Woo Commerce is the perfect partner for an e-Commerce website are discussed in detail below:

  • The search engine platform is user-friendly:

If you want to rank your website on Google then it is a must to do its SEO best. Woo commerce search engine is accessible to all and you can get the most traffic on your online stores for the product.

A combination of WordPress and Woo Commerce makes the product ranking easier because the WordPress platform is also SEO friendly. For e-Commerce online store optimization, you should enter unique title and description on your page, and website navigation should be easy. Add alt text to the image backend.  

  1. Plugins & built-in features:

Woo Commerce has advanced plugins and built-in features that make it more reliable. These make it the most optimized in running online store. You are not bound to use a limited number of plugins and features. Storefront is one of the designs that is planned and decent. It is light weighted and bloat-free design. It is easily used in all the types of business

  1. Easy Payment method:

Woo Commerce owners accept the payment through PayPal, Stripe and the user can pay through bank transfer, credit cards, cash on delivery, and debit cards also. It also supports the auto-detect geolocation, the process of drag and drop payment, and multiple currencies.

  1. Addition of a new product is reliable

This platform includes many features to reduce the load on the page so that the user can easily add or change the cart option without reloading the page. AJAX is used by Woo Commerce for speed optimization.

  1. Cost Efficient:

Whenever you are buying or selling something, price is the most important aspect to take into consideration. Ecommerce platforms are very expensive mostly but few of them demand less investment and Woo Commerce is one of them. It is highly responsive, reliable, and flexible. The availability of free themes, plugins, and advanced features make it more cost-effective.

  1. Easy to change the colors and CSS. 

It is user-friendly with beautiful themes. The front page of your online store is always the first thing that the customer will see when they come to buy or sell anything on it. If the front is not user friendly then customer will leave your store. The storefront of Woo Commerce is customized by WordPress. In the word, press, themes are available that support Woo Commerce some of them are paid but mostly they are free.

  1. Product Marketing:

Easy to sell your product using the Woo Commerce online store. The marketing of the product plays a very important role whether your product is in access to the customers or not. If it is not then there is no benefit to launching the product.

Good marketing will help you to get the attention of the customers. You can run the coupons, add discounts, free shipping, and any sale. 

  1. Adding Reviews: 

Whenever the customer comes to the online store, he/she always wants to know about the product. In Woo Commerce you can allow the customers to leave reviews about the product and you can also manage the reviews. You can use some other plugins like Cart Add-ons, Follow-up emails, and Smart Coupons to increase the traffic.

  1. Inventory Management:

Woo Commerce inventory management system is outstanding and unique. You can update or track the stock levels easily. You can set up notification for  out of stock products. For tracking the levels of stock and identification inventory management plays a very important role. People spend hundreds or thousands of Dollars on online store management. It is a very tough task in the beginning.

There are two tabs in the Woo Commerce Product tab and the Woo Commerce tab for managing the online store. You can easily manage the emails, orders, and refunds on your online store.

  1. Efficient and powerful analysis

Analysis of the online store is an essential part to make your online store highly ranked. Online many premia and free analytical tools are available that easily manage the interfaces of the online web store. The business will grow easily. 

  1. Friendly User interface:

Every seller wants to communicate with its customer. For that purpose, it is important to make a user-friendly interface that is easy for the users to update. The user interface is clear and finding the customer details is easy to check. It is also cost-effective.

 Owners of ecommerce pay a very huge amount to get updated about their customer reports including the average order, visitor action, sale by date, and the total sale. But in Woo Commerce, you don’t need to hire people to get the daily report. It already generates the complete report in the form of a graph.

  1. Platform has the good support from customer:

Woo commerce’s first version had some functionality issues at the start but now it is free of bugs. For every kind of business, it is the best choice because of stability. This platform is becoming stronger day by day and improving its quality. For the developers, it is the best option because of the presence of WordPress in it. It has an active technical support team that is available around the clock to answer you.


Woo commerce is a simple powerful, extendable eCommerce platform for word press. If you need absolute control over your shop, start with what you sell and how you shop looks. All the way through advance features and scalability, look no further. No matter what you are selling and how you are selling the possibilities are infinite and endless. No matter the variations your product is coming in, woo commerce can handle it. If you also mean to get an affiliate business off the ground. You have hit the trifecta with woo commerce as you can resell other’s products on your own website too. It gets you covered in all the other aspects of eCommerce. It grows with you. As you add more products earn more customers and receive more orders.

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